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Dental marketing ideas to attract new patients

Dental marketing ideas to attract new patients

Attracting customers to your Dental Clinic with the help of online tools involves a well-planned marketing campaign, a plan that will ensure your online reputation while attracting potential customers at the same time. Nowadays a business should be easily found with the use of online search engines, while making use of Social Media. In this article will be explained how you can attract more customers via Internet in the form of 10 tips.


Ensuring your Dental Clinic is easily found in the places the customer is looking is vital.  You can test this yourself, open your laptop of phone, search Google for the specific service you are offering, for example “Dentist Cork”.  Study these results and see if your clinic is present, and if not how difficult it is to find your details.


Also, the first online impression is important for customers. Your online appearance via the search engines should be trustworthy, accurate and consistent.  Have you reviews online? Are they all good?  What does your logo and branding look like?  Is it consistent throughout your social media offline and online marketing?


Local Marketing will help your business to be visible in your own region. More and more Google searches are local oriented, because more and more potential customers are looking for products and services in the region they are at in that specific moment. One of the reasons is the increasing use of smartphone and other mobile devices.

Making your business visible in Google’s local searches, increases the change that visitors on your website have the intention to actually purchase a product or service.
Local marketing will help you be mobile friendly and visible, reach out to more potential customers and attract a stream of effective traffic to your website.


First of all, claim your companies name on every Social Media platform, even if you are not planning to use it (straight away). After that, make a selection of the different Social Media platforms and the goals you have with Social Media to figure out which platform will meet your needs.  Social media is a great way to market to new clients and also listen to your existing clients, allow your to react to any unhappy customers.


Exploiting the right Social Media platform for the right goals is of essence to attract customers. It is important to realise that different target audiences will be active on different platforms.

While most platforms are created for socialising, Google+ for example is created for business purposes. Google+ focuses and excels in local search. While users of Google+ are logged in and using Google’s search engine, their search results are altered with the help of the data saved in their account (circles), which reveals preferences and interests of the user. Therefore Google+ is useful when focusing on a niche market, Google+ enables you to search for a specific community within your niche.

Facebook on the other hand is created for socialising and keeping in touch with friends and family. But, also Facebook creates great opportunities to attract more customers. Facebook has the most users of all Social Media platforms. Therefore it will easily increase your websites traffic, it also allows you to start a competition, poll or to arrange give a ways.


Google’s advertising service allows you to place search results for your company on a search engine results page (SERP), you have to pay for these results. With paid advertisement your ad will automatically rank high, you don’t have to rank organically which is time consuming and costly. Therefor Google Adwords is a quick way of attracting new customers for your business. Having a high converting Google AdwWord campaign means: choosing the right keywords, terms that your target audience is looking for online.


The main stream of your visitors are visiting your website because of referring websites, links. Therefore it is important to pay attention to your link building strategy, such as: sharing linking, free links, forums, replying to weblogs etc. These links will generate your website more online visibility, more visibility leads to more customers.


It is important to focus on conversion, saying that your website needs to stimulate a (potential) customer to take action. Make it clear for potential customers what they have to do, to take you up for your offer. Examples are: applying for a newsletter, require for more information, call back button, free samples etc. In order for a call to action to work, it should be visible on the website and available on different pages.

9. GIVE!

A very simple way of engaging with visitors: giving a free EBook, giving advice, sharing experiences, giving a special offer or deal etc. By letting the (potential) customer experience that they are receiving something of value for free a more positive and trustworthy bond will be created.


Once your appearance online is set, it is of essence to stay active and to stay relevant. Only post content via SM and your website that is relevant for the community you are operating in. At the same time start a dialogue with your (potential) customers via the Social Media platforms you have chosen, in order to interact with your target audience and to let them engage with your brand.

These are just a few quick tips, but if you are looking for an in-depth marketing plan and analysis of your Dental Clinic, please get in touch with us