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Instagram Dental Marketing

More exposure, More Patient communication and traffic through social media

Introducing Instagram marketing for Dental Clinics

Introducing Instagram Dental Marketing

On of our fastest growing services that we offer is Instagram dental marketing, and this is directly due to the increase of popularity of the application, but also its effectiveness in helping a dental clinic grow.
Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to edit their pictures with everything from filters to artsy fonts, locations, shapes and text. Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service that allows its users to take pictures and videos, edit them, apply a digital FILT effect, and share them on various social networking services, including the Instagram app.

As Instagram is used by over 28% of the worlds internet users, it is not a social media platform to ignore.
Instagram lets you connect with brands, celebrities, thought leaders, friends, family, and more in a very creative way, with images, videos and stories.

Instagram is perfect for a dental clinic as it allows you to share pictures and videos to a large audience in your targeted region, ideal for cosmetic clinics, orthodontists and smile makeovers.

Social Media for Dentists – Approach


We aim to :

  1. Create full accurate profiles on social media platforms as possible.
  2. Increase Brand Awareness of your Dental Clinic.
  3. Drive traffic to your Dental Clinic Website.
  4. Ensure your Goals, Style and Views are expressed in all social media marketing.
  5. Generate new Patient Leads for your Clinic.
  6. Ensure there is an ROI from the Social Media Marketing efforts.


The process of development is as follows:

  1. An initial discussion with you in order to properly understand your main Clinics treatments, goals and objectives.
  2. We set up and create your presence and profiles on many different platforms social media platforms
  3. We then work monthly creating creative content for these platforms and posting on a regular basis, tracking the results
  4. If applicable, we run paid ads for specific creative content to gain a wider reach.


The time frame for the social media marketing for your dental clinic takes about 2 weeks to set up after our initial meeting.  From then onwards you will be able to see the posts, the growth and the results with it.

Expected Results

The results will depend on where your clinic is based and whether you had any social media profiles and followers before we take over.  For new clinics, or those new to social media we would advise running paid advertisements to grow the number of people following your clinic.

Dental Marketing Expert

81% of people use Instagram to help research products and services


58% of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories


Brand Stories have an 86% completion rate


90% of Instagram users follow a business

How to market a dental practice on Instagram

Instagram now allows you to set up your dental clinic as a business, allowing you to use some fantastic features such as Question, Countdown and Quiz stickers, adding products to your Instagram account, re-share stories and posts, share videos longer than 15 seconds with IGTV, video call your followers, use Instagram’s Live Video, Geo-tag content and much much more.

It now offers a lot more than it did when it started as a simple image sharing website.

B2B Marketing - Local Outreach

At dentalbooster we are avid fans of the power of local outreach and working with other businesses in your area; it creates strong, long-term relationships and helps all involved companies. Instagram offers a fantastic way of promoting other businesses. You can follow local companies in your area, so you receive their updates, and they can, in turn, follow you.

When you are running a promotion or posting interesting content, they can share this publication with all of their followers, letting you send a powerful message to many local businesses without any cost.

Use Stories & Reels

Instagram stories are a new feature that allows you to upload fixed content for your followers to see temporarily. You can store up to 30 seconds of video or pictures, including text and drawing tools, without having them live on your profile! The messages will disappear after 24 hours.

Use Location HashTags

Hashtags are a way to mark or categorise your content with a word or multiple words. They make it possible for people with similar interests to find and interact on Instagram by using the same hashtag. A hashtag can also be used as part of an Instagram post’s caption. When you use the search field at the top of Instagram, you’ll now see any active hashtags that are related to your search term in addition to its general account names, bio text, related accounts, and all other posts on this topic. It’s easier than ever before to discover new content!

Location hashtags or treatment hashtags are fantastic for a dental clinic, allowing you to reach an audience who are in the same location as you, for example, #Dublin or the same profession #dentist, or the same treatment, for example, #smilemakeover.

Many businesses using Instagram do not take advantage of this at all. Use hashtags when posting photos so they will appear in more searches and help users find your content more easily.


Tagging is the use of hashtags in your posts; you can also use the hashtag of another brand, business or Instagram user, which is fantastic to ensure your post is noticed.

When you tag someone in your post, it makes it easy for them to see (because of a notification they will receive) and like (which boosts your popularity)

Here are some ideas for Hashtags/tagging

  • Location-based hashtags, like #dentistdublin or #bestdentistinGalwy, which can help you connect with local potential patients.
  • Industry-based hashtags, like #costmeticdentistry, #cosmeticbonding, or #invisalign, which will help you reach users searching for these topics.
  • Fun and popular hashtags, like #Dentists, #Friday or #Fun, are broad-appeal and are best used as a reason for posting certain content and increasing engagement.

Know & Follow Your Competitors & Peers

I would make a list of the top 20 competitors at a local and national level and follow them; you will get an idea of what they are doing and possibly get some inspiration.

At the same time, do not change your approach to copy another; stay true to your goals, approach, and if you find you are inspired by a competitor’s technique or content, you could aim to do your own improved version of it.

Create a Personal Relationship

The usual relationship between a patient and a dentist is one of trust. This personal relationship takes time to develop, but it is vital to entice a new patient to choose your clinic. You need to display your clinic as one that cares, who treats each patient like a person, not a number.

Social Media now offers us a platform to develop this close relationship, and it’s one you should take advantage of and use as much as you can.

If a potential patient can see you going out of your way to help a potential patient on your Instagram profile or posts, they will instantly trust you a lot more.

Share useful information on your page

Sharing helpful information on your Instagram profile is a great way to help your followers build further trust; sharing useful information is beneficial for both parties.

Frequently Asked Questions – Instagram & Social Media for dentists

Instagram marketing tips

Instagram needs attention to produce results for a dental clinic; the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. That being said, here are a few Instagram marketing tips for your dental clinic.

  • Use Attractive Photos; if they are too graphic, leave them out
  • Regular Posts are great but do not over post
  • Use Engaging Captions that will invoke interest and engagement from your followers.
  • Use the right Hashtags to reach the right people, location, treatment, profession, theme, think about which is right for the post you are creating, and do not use too many; five is enough.
  • Join groups with similar hashtags to expand visibility on feeds
  • Just because you are a dentist, don’t only post about dental treatments, be creative, make your posts interesting and refreshing for your followers
  • Aim to post real photos, not stock images, if you can help it
  • Show the real behind-the-scenes, the personality of your clinic, not just the end-results
  • Feature your patients, testimonials, videos, smile makeover reactions
  • Respond to the comments and questions
  • Run contests, promote events, and interact with local businesses in your area.

Do dentists need social media?

It’s important for a dentist to engage and be active on social media. Having an influential voice on social media strengthens the public perception of a business or organization and creates valuable connections with potential patients. For instance, people who visit doctors regularly like them better than other professionals in that industry because they view them as experts and nothing else, given that dentistry is a profession largely based around trust. Social Media helps the dental clinic instil that level of trust before a patient even enters the clinic.

How do dentists use Instagram?

Dentists looking for a way to market their practice on social media might want to take advantage of Instagram. This visually-oriented platform can help them demonstrate how you have returned patients’ smiles, especially when it comes down to what they offer in aesthetics.
Dentists can engage with their community on Instagram by sharing images of completed treatments, including before and after pictures, new offers, events, treatment procedures, testimonials and more. People often use social media regularly, so it’s important that dentists are visible and provide reliable content which offers solutions from potential patients.
Some Post Types you could consider could be

  • User-generated content, also known as UGC, which is content that your patients send to you, is excellent as it shows it is from a real, local person who went out of their way to send the content in
  • Informative posts – these ones are used to educate the viewers, whether it is about a health-related issue, a treatment, benefits, an event, these are useful for the reader, and because of this, the user will keep following you.
  • Time-sensitive posts, such as mothers day, cancer awareness day, etc., are a great way to share a message.
  • Funny Posts, don’t forget to show a personal side when it comes to dental marketing; your followers want to see some entertaining posts as well as serious ones.
  • Makeovers, before and after shots and testimonials, are like gold; you should always aim to create these and share them.

why social media is important for your business?

As the internet continues to evolve, social media will continue to play an important part in how we do business and how you can grow your dental clinic.

Social Media can allow you access to markets that would otherwise be unreachable, track your competition and gauge changes in customer demand. In addition, it’s a great way to get feedback from your customers about new or existing products or services.

It’s also important for communicating with staff at headquarters who don’t have day-to-day contact with people at locations across the country – as it allows them to stay connected and update everyone else on happenings as they happen.

How to make Instagram content for dentists?

You can find a variety of ideas for your Instagram posts here. You can create an educational video, Behind the Scenes look into different areas of dentistry and even show off a sneak peek photos! Use these tips as inspiration when posting, so followers know who they’re following:

  • Educational Videos – Educational videos offer information about topics such as teeth care or oral health in general; this could include step by step instructions with
    Some content types could be
  • User-generated content, also known as UGC, which is content that your patients send to you, is great as it shows it is from a real, local person who went out of their way to send the content in
    Informative posts – these ones are used to educate the viewers, whether it is about a health-related issue, a treatment, benefits, an event, these are useful for the reader, and because of this, the user will keep following you.
  • Time-sensitive posts, such as mothers day, cancer awareness day, etc., are a great way to share a message.
  • Funny Posts, don’t forget to show a personal side when it comes to dental marketing; your followers want to see some entertaining posts as well as serious ones.
  • Makeovers, before and after shots and testimonials, are like gold; you should always aim to create these and share them.

Instagram stories marketing tips

Instagram Stories are a fun and interactive way to share your dental clinic with potential patients and people worldwide. They allow you the opportunity for creativity, as well as the spontaneity that is usually not seen in other social media platforms.
They go live on Instagram and then disappear after 24 hours, only appearing at the top of their app rather than through Newsfeeds like before! With interactive tools like stickers or polls, you can make these stories pop by incorporating creativity into every second.

Here are a few Instagram Stories marketing tips

  • Use stickers; they are a fantastic way to enhance posts and bring them to life.
  • Use Hashtags that relate to your post, location, subject matter, treatment, effect, profession.
  • Add your location to the post, GEO-Tag it.
  • If you are posting a video, add subtitles/captions unless you want to lose the 60% of people who view Instagram with the sound muted.
  • Add Questions, Polls, Quiz’s to get your followers to interact and to gain valuable information from them.
  • If your clinic is well established and has more than 10,000 followers, you can add swipe uplinks.
  • If you have fewer followers, you can still add links with Instagram ads
  • Use the right dimensions for your posts, Instagram will do its best to resize and make your content work, but if you plan it ahead, you will come out with better-looking content
  • Like any interactive advertising, such as video marketing or similar forms, the first 5 seconds are vital, make sure it is clear what the post is about, who is it for, so people will interact if they know it is for them, ensure your message is clear
  • Also, it’s a great idea to plan the content ahead of time so you know that your social media is taken care of and not left idle
  • The final tip we have is to ensure someone is monitoring and responding to questions and comments, as these are likely potential patients that need some information before they make a decision to choose you for their dental clinic

how can social media listening increase customer advocacy?

I will start by defining the term customer advocacy. Customer advocacy is where an existing customer becomes a brand evangelist for your company. Their word-of-mouth promotional activity drives new customers to your company. It reminds current ones of the value of their purchase decision over other options that they may have had available to them when making that decision.

Social media listening can drastically increase customer advocacy and create more opportunities to connect with potential and existing supporters. You first need to analyse how social media influencers interact on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, then use various marketing tools to investigate which topics and content would work well for social media based on trending topics.

how to create content for social media?

It is important to have a plan in mind before creating

Understand your purpose for having an account on the site.

Make sure you’re using relevant hashtags and links to other sites on your posts.

Don’t post too much! Instead, spread it out over at least a few days so people don’t get annoyed with you popping up in their feeds all the time.

The types of content you can create, for example, could be

  • Showcase Offers
  • Explain and Introduce Treatments
  • Introduce your Team Members
  • Health & Safety Updates
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Treatment Videos
  • Frequently Asked Questions answered by the dentist
  • Before & After Case Studies
  • Links to Longer Blog Posts about a subject matter

How to market your dental clinic on Instagram

The best way to market your dental clinic on Instagram is to post items that make your consumers feel happy and comfortable about going in or coming back. This includes smiling faces or videos of patients loving their porcelain crowns, a deep-cleaning experience with a sparkling toothbrush, or seemingly-painless teeth extraction surgery.

You can also be sure to post any deals you have so people are more inclined to book an appointment right away. Research has shown that largely positive reviews will go the furthest when it comes time for someone to choose their dentist, so having members of the staff take some snapshots at work intervals will most likely show off your team at their most compassionate and caring self while they do this important job that

Which is best for marketing a dental practice Facebook or Instagram?

As a dentist, you probably already know how important it is to have an online presence for your dental practice. In today’s digital age, where people rely on social media to communicate and get updates from friends and family, this presence has become even more critical.
Suppose you are planning to start a new practice or take over an existing one. In that case, you need to integrate social media marketing into your plan of action so that you can provide the best possible services to patients regardless of their location.
Let’s find out which platform works better for dental practices between Facebook and Instagram so that you can invest more time on the one that brings better results for your business growth.
The answer to this question depends on your target demographic. However, there is a significant amount of crossover between the two platforms.
If you’re targeting younger patients, Instagram would be a better choice because it has fewer restrictions and is more mobile-friendly. Facebook tends to be more widely used by an older audience that doesn’t use smartphones as often – many of whom are still hesitant about social media altogether. Generally speaking, Facebook provides a more stable platform for business owners to target older audiences and general dental treatments. Instagram can be perfect for orthodontic treatments, smile makeovers and cosmetic treatments.
At dentalbooster, we usually try out both platforms for each clinic and track how well they perform; depending on your potential local audience, you can be pleasantly surprised, which will give you the best ROI.


Instagram ads for a dental clinic

Unleash the power of Facebook & Instagram Ads for your dental clinic

Facebook advertising is an excellent tool that businesses and marketers can use to increase exposure of their brand on Facebook.  As Facebook own Instagram, you need to use Facebook’s ad platform to run ads on Instagram, the great thing is, you can easily run the same ad on both platform and compare which brings you the best resutls.

Instagram ads are the perfect way to reach your target audience. With over 800 million monthly active users, it’s easy to see why so many brands have chosen Instagram as their go-to platform for advertising. The best part is that you can create an ad in just minutes with our simple and intuitive ad creator. We make it easy to get started right away!

Instagram Ads allow you to precisely target audiences based upon specific demographics, which makes these types so effective for reaching niche markets with precision efficiency.

Instagram ads have incredible targeting capabilities using their unique Interests Graphs which allow them not only to target users by their interests but also by other aspects like age, relationship status, occupation income level…etcetera! All these great features.

When it comes to marketing, exposure equates to sales. Whether through TV commercials, product placements, or social media ads, the more someone sees your business’s message, the more likely they will be potential customers. However, this traditional method of exposure is expensive and often ineffective with target audiences who may feel bombarded by advertisements coming at them from every angle of media. Through Facebook and Instagram ad-marketing, you’re targeting a more focused audience with significantly less risk than more traditional methods of marketing your brand.

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Everything you need in One Packaged Solution

Dental Booster will help you to get higher profitability, more patients, an appealing brand with the help of effective marketing tools.  We package and customise our solutions to give you value, and also everything you need to grow.  We package our Google Ads, Local Optimisation, Dental SEO and Social Media management and ads into tailor-made packages for your clinic.

The below are the main social media platforms a dental clinic can use to attract more patients, but we use a lot more than these in our social media management plans.  Also if the target is a B2B approach, different platforms are suited than the ones below.


Facebook is one of the leading tools a dental clinic can use to grow, it is the most used social media platforms


Instagram is the second most used social media platform, owned also by Facebook, this tool is very useful for dental clinics


YouTube, owned by Google is a fantastic way to share video content on multiple mediums, vital for any dental clinic

Google My Business

This listing can be very useful for Dental Clinics, and generate a lot of new enquiries if used well


TikTok is another platform that dental practices everywhere will want to check out, used by a younger audience, but very effective

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