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About Us

A Team of Experts in Research & Analysis

We are a creative Dental Market Research and Analysis Company

We understand what it takes to make a dental clinic grow, and can provide a tailor made plan for you!

In-depth Research

We painstakingly study the market, the trends, studying each Dental Clinic one by one, until we have a broad understand of the market

Data Analysis

We analyse the data we have captured, and highlight the actions and marketing efforts that really produce results for a Dental Clinic.

Tailor Made Marketing Plans

We can produce tailor made blueprints of what your Dental Clinic is missing in order to grow, we can perform the work, or advise your current marketing consultant.

Our Skills & Expertise

We are a team of creative individuals who love working with Dental Clinics and Dentists. Our team consists of a group of experts, each specialising in a different area. This ensures that your dental clinic and business has experts available to assist you no matter what the issue is.

We differ to general marketing consultants due to the in-depth research that we put into each of our online solutions. This research will illustrate the strength of your competitors, the amount of potential customers in your market, and we will put together a comprehensive plan to ensure you rank highly in Google and get these customers.

After we understand your market, we make a structured plan, involving creating a beautiful logo and branding to represent your business, print material such as flyers or business cards if needed. We then start building your web solution, creating a user friendly, mobile friendly website which reflects your business completely and instils a feeling of quality and trust to the visitor.
Our monthly services help you rank in Google, increase brand awareness and get more clients to your clinic.

Dental Booster was founded in 2007 by Adrian Duffy.  The headquarters is based in Cork, Ireland.  Now DentalBooster has plans of opening an office in Murcia in Spain.

Adrian Duffy

Adrian has been working as a Marketing Consultant for over 12 years. He heads any tailor made marketing plans for clients.

Market Research
Alicia Abellan

Alicia currently works on market research and analysis in the Dental Industry predominantly in Europe, highlighting interesting trends and facts which help Dental clinics make the right changes to gain more patients. Alicia is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Anke Ossewaarde

Anke works on Marketing & Sales activities, with experience on doing marketing research, online marketing & sales support.

Customer Service & Sales
Jacob Hauge

With an extensive background in customer experience, Jacob works in our customer relationship and creative department.

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