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360 Dental Clinic Virtual Tour

360 Dental Clinic Virtual Tours to show off your clinic

360° Virtual Tour of your Dental Clinic

A 360 tour is a virtual experience, or tour, of the interior space of a dental practice through which one can navigate with the click of a mouse.

A 360-degree video is most commonly taken with an omnidirectional camera so that all perspectives are recorded at the same time. This means there is no need to use editing techniques to present different views on-demand after capturing the video content.

A 360-degree virtual tour is a virtual image of an area from all angles. It allows potential patients to see inside your clinic before they step in. When combined with data-rich content such as video, pdfs, and images, it creates an outstanding first impression and an exciting educational journey for a potential patient.

Do you have a dental website that needs more traffic? Do you want to reach a wider audience online? Want your content seen by users on any device? Connecting businesses through 360 Virtual Tours is one way to do just that. The immersive experience created for viewers takes them virtually inside an object or environment to understand what it would be like in person.

Dental office virtual tour

Do you want potential patients to be able to see what your dentist office looks like?

With our virtual tour, viewers can explore the clinic and get a feel for how it works. It will be possible to see staff members in action, check out the equipment, and even look at the style and aesthetics of the dental practice. It’s an easy way to showcase your dental clinic without the viewer ever having to step foot inside the doors!

For potential patients, choosing a new dentist is hard work. Virtual tour’s make the experience better and the final decision an easier one.

How to Create a Marketing Video for a Dental Clinic – Our Approach


We aim to :

  1. Create beautiful, creative, informative videos for your dental clinic.
  2. Assist you to use these in your marketing mix to gain the best results.
  3. Create tailor-made formats to match the platform you or intended use.
  4. Ensure your branding is evident throughout each video.
  5. Build each video with a clear purpose to capture interested patients.


The process of development is as follows:

  1. The first step involves an initial discussion to properly understand your Clinics treatments, goals and objectives for each video.
  2. One of the most important steps to creating a successful dental marketing video is determining who your target audience is and your message. It should always be clear what the objective for each video is, and this should be checked regularly to ensure that the message stays very clear.
    Plan in advance, ensure you have the answers to all of the following questions:
    – Who will be involved in these videos, staff and patients?
    – Do you have signed consent forms to use them in paid marketing campaigns
    – What does your budget look like?
    – What’s the deadline you’re working with here?
    – Do we need to hire a video team?
    – what dates are you planning to have the video shoot?
    – have you all of the text prepared?
  3. Preparation, planning the flow of the video, the content, order, and ensuring the message is clear.
  4. Recording, either in-house or by a professional video crew
  5. Video Production, involving the creation of each video from the raw material
  6. Final edits and launch


The time frame for a selection of videos for your dental clinic takes approximately two months in total after our initial meeting.  This depends on the number of videos, the detail, and how quickly we can get the information we require from you.

Expected Results

A selection of promotional videos you should be proud of, based on your requirements, built with our expertise.

Dental Marketing Expert

The Power of Video

Viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when obtained via video.


Video ads were the number ONE way consumers discovered a brand they later purchased from.


84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.


Cisco predicts that live Internet video will account for 17% of Internet video traffic by 2022.

Interactive 360° Tours for your Dental Clinic

Video Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to engage and market to your potential audience. A video tour is an excellent way to show potential patients the inside of your clinic, giving them a virtual tour.  This will allow them to move from space to space with a click of the mouse.

We can create 360-degree virtual tours that you can use in Google, but also we can create more advanced interactive tours, which include embedded graphics, embedded videos and links.

This will allow a potential patient to click on a button or hotspot in the virtual tour to start an explanatory video, making a regular virtual tour into one with endless possibilities, allowing the creation of highly creative videos that will ensure you stand out from your competition but also offer the best possible experience in terms of explaining and selling your treatments and services.

What elements can we embed in the virtual tour?

Below are some creative examples of videos and other elements you can include inside of your 360 video tour.

Simple Explainer Videos

Clinic Introduction Video

Treatment Explainer Videos

Detailed Treatment Promotional Videos

Introducing the Team Video

Hyperlinks to your dental website

Directions to your dental clinic

Patient Testimonial Videos

FAQ based Videos

Health and Safety Videos

Competition based Videos

Dental practice video marketing

Having a Smart TV in your clinic waiting room is a great idea as you can educate and upsell to those waiting, you can use these videos that you have created here, having an additional option to use sound, or put subtitles on them (which gives the added benefit of a quiet waiting room and more suitable for anyone with hearing issues)

Google 360° virtual tour

Google 360 is a free panoramic platform that enables anyone to create and publish virtual tours on the web, embeds them on other sites or even include them in Dental Google Ad campaigns.

This free service allows for spectacular visual storytelling by linking together thousands of 360-degree images as dental clinics can create their own interactive tours. Google’s new app now offers photographers improved tools to create breathtaking panoramas using only their Android phone. That being said, better results are achieved by a professional 360-degree camera.

While immersive experiences like this used to be expensive and challenging to produce, with Google 360, it was never easier to find a fantastic event or location and create a snapshot that would last forever. Travellers can also use the Google Maps Street View function on their browser to walk down.

You can upload your tour to your Google My Business listing, so your dental clinic stands out from others, offering your potential patients a unique experience to see inside your clinic and learn about the treatments, services and offers you have.

Google My Business Virtual Tour for your Dental Clinic

The best thing about this is that you can add your virtual tour to your Google My Business listing.
This is fantastic for many reasons; for your local ranking in Google, which means more visibility and more enquiries, it improves the usability of your profile, offering an experience that very few dental clinics have in place at the moment.

Virtual tour on your dental website

We offer virtual tours that can be added easily to your website and offer a one-of-a-kind experience.
Add hotspots to the tour, interactive videos and much more.

This, along with dental videos, offer a user experience like no others, and because of this, it will generate a lot more enquiries for your dental clinic.

How to create 360 virtual tour?

If you have time on your hands and are creative, you can try to create the tour yourself, but it is pretty tricky to get a professional result and more difficult again if you want to add interactive elements to the video.

If you want to create a 369 virtual tour for your dental clinic, the best free way to create a 360° virtual tour is with the Google Street View app. To make this happen, all you need to do once you have your images is upload them into the app and then follow these easy steps:

  1. Prepare multiple raw or JPEG formatted photos taken at right angle angles of the subject ( in Google Street View App, they are called shots)

  2. Make sure your virtual tours contain frames by taking photos over a set distance, for example, 360° or 180°, if it’s vertical or horizontal, respectively.

  3. Upload your photo sets into the application that will automatically convert them into panoramic environments

A better approach would be to get a Google Approved Street View Photographer or someone who is experienced creating these 360-degree tours for dental clinics and letting them take care of everything. At dental booster, we provide this service; it does not take much time at all to record the 360 tours of your dental clinic.

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From the initial market research, choosing the clinic name, colour and branding palettes, logo design, website design and development, creative dental marketing videos and the monthly marketing services will help everything come together and result in more patients for your business.


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