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Dental Booster is a Certified Google Partner founded by Adrian Duffy. Adrian, originally from Cork, has worked as a marketing professional for 17 years and has worked with clients worldwide.  He originally studied computer science in University College Cork, and later studied an Masters in Business Administration at Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia. He worked in various roles throughout his life, from private to public, in a wide range of roles. 

He started working in the dental marketing industry when his local dentist asked him for help.  He had issues with a web designer, had no results and was worried he would have to close his dental clinic.  This is where dental booster started over 16 years ago.  After producing excellent results for this dentist, Adrian decided to focus on the dental market, helping dentists grow their clinic and achieve their business goals.

Adrian saw that the in order to market any product or service it is vital that you thoroughly understand each of them, to a level almost equal to the business owners.  To become a dental marketing expert, dental booster would need to understand the market, the services, the demand, the problems faced by patients and also by the clinic owners.  With this in mind, our team published the Irish Dental Report in 2018, which analysed every dental clinic in Ireland, which resulted in a deep understanding of the Dental Market in Ireland and abroad, but more importantly, the knowledge of what dental marketing approaches work, and generate more patients while staying affordable. This report gained national news coverage.

Now Dental Booster has grown, and offers tailor made dental marketing services to businesses worldwide. 

We have won awards in both 2019 and 2021 for various aspects of our business.  We won an award for the excellent service we offer our clients, another for the charity work we do on a regular basis, more recently we were selected for the Best Marketing Campaign of the year 2021 and the Advertisement of the year 2021.

We have offices in Cork, Ireland and in Murcia Spain.  We offer internships to students locally to help them get invaluable experience in the marketing industry.

If you put your faith in us, we will do our utmost to deliver results for your dental clinic.

Dental Marketing Expert
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Giving Back Program

Adrian spent several years volunteering throughout the world, from Brazil, Peru, Bolivia to throughout Europe.  It was always important for him to give back to the needy, to offer a percentage of the companies time to help Non Profit Organisations and good causes.  This is where the Giving Back Program came from.

Dental Booster spends 5% of its resources constantly helping worthy causes.  We help them by providing them with the tools they need to prosper online, to spread their message, sell products, contact the needy and organise events and accept donations.

If you have a charity that is in need of help, please contact us today, and we will analyse your project and let you know how we can help.

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    If you would like to organise a 30-45minute session with Adrian, our Dental Marketing Expert to see what our dental marketing techniques can do for your clinic, please click the link below to get started, this will give you a better idea of how you can improve your clinic.

    We perform a pre SWOT analysis prior to the meeting to ensure we are up to speed and have a clear view of the problems and opportunities

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