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Award Winning Dental Marketing

We are very proud to be hand-picked for the following award categories.

  • Advertisement of the year 2023
  • Corporate Social Responsibility 2023
  • Marketing Campaign of the Year 2023
  • Product/Service of the Year 2023
  • Marketing Campaign of the year 2021
  • Advertisement of the Year 2021
  • Corporate Social Responsibility 2019
  • Service Company of the Year 2019
Award Winning Dental Marketing

Marketing Campaign of the year 2021


Advertisement of the Year 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility 2019


Service Company of the Year 2019


Dental Web Development, Design & Print

From your Branding, clinic logo to your Website & Online presence, we have all you need with our Package solutions

We provide package solutions to ensure every part of your online and offline presence is exquisite. We offer a range of solutions from your initial Branding, dental clinic logo design, branding palette to your business cards, flyers, brochures, custom videos, virtual dental clinic tours, social media content creation and most importantly, your dental clinic website; we provide packaged affordable solutions with the items you need.


Monthly Dental Marketing that works!

Tailor made Marketing plans to suit your business

After thoroughly analysing your Dental Clinic, we will develop the perfect marketing plan based on your targets and budget. We pride ourselves in delivering results that truly change businesses and help them grow and develop. Our monthly dental marketing services range from Google local Optimisation, Dental SEO, Paid Advertising such as Google Ads, Social Media Management, and social media ads. Our work is always transparent, so you know what we are doing and why!


Dental Market Research

Producing the results and statistics that matter, insights which will help you grow your clinic and take advantage of market opportunities

As well as completing national research projects, we also take on custom projects of various size and complexity, get in touch with us today!

Dental Marketing Experts


We perform an in-depth market research into your local and national market, analysing every possible part of your business  online and offline, this will include price comparison, visibility, treatment range, reputation and much more.


By analysing the Market for you, we can suggest various opportunities in the market, potential areas of improvement and growth, highlighting their benefits thus creating a clear plan moving forward. We create a tailor made plan with you, ensuring we focus on your clinic’s targets using the budget you propose.


We can develop a custom logo & branding scheme for your clinic,  a intuitive dental website to highlight your services,  design and print services such as brochures, dental videos and detailed monthly dental marketing plans, including Google Ads and Local optimisation and social media management.


We report back to you on our results and progress monthly, so you can see the powerful impact of our work. You can focus on making the patients happy, and we focus on ensuring your clinic is busy!

Get started today, Contact us and see how we can help your dental clinic grow

More about Dental Booster

Dental Booster is a Certified Google Partner founded by Adrian Duffy. Adrian, originally from Cork, has worked as a marketing professional for 14 years and has worked with clients worldwide.

We are a dental marketing agency with decades of experience helping dentists grow and achieve their goals.  We are a local Irish dental marketing agency that works hard to ensure you get the results you want. Our team has extensive knowledge of how to produce demonstrably effective campaigns that will drive your business forward and make a difference in people’s lives by making them smile more often!

Our team published the Irish Dental Report in 2018, which analysed every dental clinic in Ireland, which resulted in a deep understanding of the Dental Market in Ireland and abroad, but more importantly, the knowledge of what dental marketing approaches work, and generate more patients while staying affordable.

Our goal is to offer your clinic an all-inclusive service, affordable dental marketing packages which will get results for you. We work tirelessly with you until this happens and are always available to assist you in any way. In addition, we constantly offer our clients new and exciting new ways to market their clinic, save money and take advantage of opportunities in the market.

Dental Booster provides innovative creative services with expertise on all aspects of our client’s needs from traditional advertising strategies such as broadcast media through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or YouTube videos. We also offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions which include Local SEO Optimisation, SEO, creative content creation and also paid advertising techniques including Google Ads, social media ads, creative video ads , virtual tours of your dental clinic and much, much more.

If you think your dental clinic could do with more patients, get in touch with us today.

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Happy Clients

Client Testimonial

Tony O’Connor from oconnordentalhealth.ie talks about his experience working with dentalbooster.

Client Testimonial

Dr Michael Doyle talks about his clinic’s growth after working with us here at dentalbooster.

  • great experience, really helpful would recommend

    philip kelly Avatar philip kelly
    August 8, 2016
  • Dental Booster really helped me to put our clinic on the map, with an easy to navigate, superior quality website design. It is so good that in the first month we had 12 new patients and many more enquiries about our services. A great SEO and Marketing are essential for any clinic as if someone needing your services cannot find you then you are already failing.. Your website is fantastic and very easy to use and navigate and I would highly recommend you and your staff are second to none.

    Kirsti Peters Avatar Kirsti Peters
    November 5, 2016
  • Incredibly professional and helpful

    Sass Avatar Sass
    August 8, 2016
  • I need a firm that I can trust 100%, with no exceptions. That is why I use Dental Booster. I would reccommend them to anyone.

    Betsy Ferguson Avatar Betsy Ferguson
    August 8, 2016
  • Great practice to have your teeth seen to by professional staff.

    Lyn Wilson Avatar Lyn Wilson
    August 8, 2016

Monthly Dental Marketing

The main services we offer in terms of dental marketing are listed below.  Each one differs in terms of cost, the time to see results, the ROI and some may be suited to one clinic more than others.  Our usual approach is we test all of the below for your clinic so we can get a clear view of what works best for you.

Google Ads

We offer Google Ads for dentists all over the world, it generates instant visibility, but you pay for each action (click, view, call etc). A well Designed optimised campaign can generate great results for a clinic

Google Local

We offer Google local Optimisation, or local SEO for dentists which puts your clinic in the most valuable position in Googles result set, this offers fantastic results

Dental SEO

We offer Dental SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, which aims to get your website ranking/visible when potential patients search for on of your treatments

Social Media Marketing

We offer social media marketing for dentists, which ranges from Facebook, Instagram, GMB, Twitter, TikTok and Pinterest which aims at brand awareness and patient capture

Dental Website Design, Print & Videos

The main services we offer in terms of dental design, print and other creative work are listed below.  If you are unsure what you require, get in touch with us today.  We normally offer a dental clinic analysis which will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your dental clinic, this is great to give us a clear guide on the urgent aspects of your marketing mix that need attention.

Market Research

We perform National, and bespoke Research and Analysis focused just on the Dental Market. Every project requires prior research ensuring we understand the market thoroughly, how it is changing and growing, and with this information, how to help Dental clinics grow with it. We perform the detailed work, so you do not have to quickly analyse our findings and use this information to improve your Dental Clinic.

Branding Design

We help clinics create memorable creative branding schemes. This includes anything from your brand positioning, creating a clinic name, choosing a domain, and creating a branding colour palette, the colours you choose are important, as each colour evokes a different response and feeling.

Logo Design

We offer an exclusive design service for dental logos. The logo you have in your clinic should be unique, recognisable and creative, illustrating your business in an intelligent but simple way. We ensure you get what you want with three rounds of creative logo designs

Website Design

We have years of experience developing websites for dentists; with this experience, we know what Dentists need to grow their online presence, patient base and revenue; that's why our packaged solutions are so successful with our Clients. We build long-lasting exquisite websites which grow your brand and your customer base.

Design & Print

We offer a wide range of design and print services, whether you require just the design files, or the final product delivered to your door, we have you covered. from stationary, to posters, flyers, large scare print such as clinic window stickers, floor stickers, display items, billboard designs, and much more

Dental Marketing Videos

A short dental video is a great way to show your patients a quick overview of your dental services without overwhelming them with a lot of information. Within thirty seconds, your patients will have the information they need in the form of a visually appealing video. They can see there is a real person behind the camera, a trustworthy professional and will, in turn, give them a level of trust towards you and your clinic, enticing them to contact you.

360 Degree Tours

With our virtual tour, viewers can explore the clinic and get a feel for how it works. It will be possible to see staff members in action, check out the equipment, and even look at the style and aesthetics of the dental practice. It’s an easy way to showcase your dental clinic without the viewer ever having to step foot inside the doors!

Unsure what you need?

If you are unsure what marketing techniques would be a good fit for your dental practice, get in touch with us today.  After a custom clinic analysis, we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your dental clinic, giving you a clear view of what needs to be improved and what elements are urgent.

With any work with us, we look at it on a ROI view, ensuring that you are investing in your clinic so you get more back, this is crucial for any marketing venture.

Ready to grow your dental clinic?


Intensive researching into your market opportunities to ensure success.

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This ensures we are second to none delivering complete solutions to our dentists.

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No two clients are the same, therefore every client gets a packaged solution

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    Clinic Analysis

    If you would like to organise a 30-45minute session with one of our specialists to see what our dental marketing techniques can do for your clinic, please click the link below to get started, this will give you a better idea of how you can improve your clinic.

    We perform a pre SWOT analysis prior to the meeting to ensure we are up to speed and have a clear view of the problems and opportunities

    Clinic Analysis