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Dental Brochures & Flyers

Elegant Dental Brochures, Dental Flyers and other dental advertising

Dental Brochures & Dental Flyers

A great method to reach your local community, highlight your special offers, products and services

Custom Dental Brochures and Dental flyers are an excellent method to reach your local community, highlighting your special offers, products and services.  Besides being focused on Dental online marketing, Dental Booster provides a wide range of offline marketing communication tools, products and services.  Implementing offline and online marketing methodologies into your marketing strategy will help you effectively grow your practice, taking advantage of every marketing medium you can. In addition, we provide the planning, design service and print service, with excellent quality products delivered to your dental clinic’s door.

Tangible Marketing

With the use of Dental Brochures, you can offer in-depth information directly to potential clients fingertips. These can contain in-depth information about your services offered, your prices, your location, the benefits of your services and success and case studies. In addition, when these brochures are placed in the right area, you can benefit from a stream of new customers, for example, placing them in a doctor’s waiting room to target families.

Online Marketing is by far the most effective in terms of ROI, but there is still a segment of potential patients who do not use the internet or prefer tangible material they can sit down and read.

Alternative offline Marketing Techniques Available

We also provide a wide range of printed alternatives to detailed Dental Brochures, such as flyers, posters and business cards.
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Brochures, Flyers & other print material for a Dental Clinic – Our Approach


We aim to :

  1. Create a beautiful, print material that sends the right message, and that represents your dental clinic.
  2. Use your branding and colour palette through the print material.
  3. Advise you on which is the most effective print material and method to achieve your goals.


The process of development is as follows:

  1. The first step consists of an initial discussion with you to properly understand your dental clinic’s treatments, goals and objectives of the print material.  It is vital that we gather your input and requirements with examples of items you like to get a better idea of what styles are sought after.
  2. We either correct the copy you sent to us or get one of our dental copywriters to create the textual content.
  3. We approve the photos you send to us or use stock images purchased for this project.
  4. We come up with a sample of the print material, gather feedback from you and make the necessary changes. Finally, the dental clinic will sign off on the work.
  5. Once finished, we send the item to print; it will be delivered directly to the clinic address.


The time frame for a completely new website for your dental clinic takes about one month in total after our initial meeting.  This depends on the type of design required and also how quickly we can get the information we require from you.

Expected Results

Print Material that you should be proud of, based on your requirements, built with our expertise.


Innovation is Key, Everything you need in One Packaged Solution

Dental Booster will help you to get higher profitability, more patients, an appealing brand with the help of effective marketing tools.  We package and customise our solutions to give you value, and also everything you need to grow.


Brochures, Booklets, Flyers, Business Cards, Stationary and much more

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A brochure will allow you to give a detailed view of your products and services.

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Not everyone uses the internet, some prefer a personal physical approach such as a brochure or flyer.

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We work with partners who print and deliver the product to your door, hassle free

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Dental Marketing Expert

80% of traditional mail is opened while 80% of emails is disregarded


46% per cent of readers uses print and digital formats


People are 70% more likely to remember businesses seen in print compared to online

Design & Print Services for your Dental Clinic

We offer various design and print services that are tailored to suit your needs.  If you require items designed, printed and delivered to your clinic, we work with our partners who provide an excellent service of printing all different items and delivering them to your door.

If you only require the design work, we can also provide this service, sending you or your print company the required design files so they can finish the job. Below are some of the examples of the design and print services we offer dental clinics.

Dental Brochures

Dental Flyers

Dental Business cards & Stationary

Dental Window Stickers

Dental Wall Stickers

Dental Floor Stickers

Dental Booklets

Dental Roll Labels & Stickers

Dental Display Items (Roll up banners, Counter Displays, Feather Flags, banner stands)

Dental Counter Price Holders

Dental Billboard designs

Why consider a website for your Dental Practice?

Increased Brand Awareness

Dental Brochures can be from 4 pages upwards, so you have enough space to include all the elements you wish. The general approach would be to:

  • Introduce the clinic, the mission statement, the staff
  • Include any awards or items which will make your clinic stand out from others
  • Include the detail of the treatment or offer in a method that will relate to the reader, not too technical, showing what the treatment is used for, what it can treat, what is the treatment procedure, what are the expected results, including any offers or time-sensitive offers, and state a simple way for them to contact you.

In many ways, the brochure should have a similar structure as your website, as this should reflect your dental business plan and business objectives.

Dental patient education brochures

For dental clinic owners, they will come across the problem that a potential patient may have multiple questions regarding a particular treatment; this can be about the most fundamental part of a treatment to more specific in-depth questions about a topic. Educational brochures are a great way to educate potential patients, illustrating the benefits of a particular treatment or change in their oral hygiene.

Patients like to make educated decisions, and it will save your staff a lot of time explaining the same things repeatedly. In addition, they will help them understand how important it is to take care of their teeth and gums, which can lead to improved oral health and overall wellness.

Dental hygiene patient education brochures

Dental Hygienist visits are often mixed up with dental check-ups, and a large number of patients do not attend regular hygienist visits; an educational brochure can educate them and explain why this is an important part of having a healthy mouth and teeth.  It is a fantastic way to introduce the hygienist working in your clinic, explain the procedures, the danger of not going for regular cleanings and to highlight special offers.

Dental implant brochures

Many of the population are missing one or more teeth and are not aware of the options available in terms of replacement options; a brochure is a great way to target this demographic.  A large proportion of this age group will not access social media or the internet as much as other age groups, so printed material is a great way to target these people.

Cosmetic dental treatment brochures

Brochures are a powerful way to show people real photos of smile makeovers; potential patients can then identify with them and see what treatment may be suitable. Cosmetic dental brochures are a great way to target potential patients in your local area or in your waiting room.

You’ll be able to reach out with confidence, knowing that our brochures are designed by experienced professionals who know what they’re doing when it comes to marketing. When people read through these brochures, they will see just how much work goes into taking care of their smile so they can have an attractive smile for life!

Orthodontic dental treatment brochures

Our orthodontic dental treatment brochures are designed for use by dentists and orthodontists to promote their practice, services, and expertise. In addition, they’re an effective way of reaching out to potential new patients who might be interested in seeing what your practice has to offer.  It is a great way to illustrate the vast number of treatments available to someone looking for straight teeth, giving them time to read, re-read and digest the information and make an educated decision which treatment they would like to be assessed for.

Dental advertisement flyers

We can help you reach your target audience in your local area by creating flyers to make them want to come to see you right away. Let us handle all of the legwork so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore.
You can place flyers in similar local businesses or those who may share your target demographic. You can also distribute the flyers to a radius of your clinic, so you target within 2km of your clinic, for example, introducing your clinic, offer or treatments.

Flyers are an effective tool within the overall marketing strategy for attracting new customers to your business. With a targeted marketing strategy, you can strategically place flyers in or on different locations that potential customers will heavily traffic. This will help ensure that they’re seen not only by people who would be interested in your business but also a large number of potential customers who might not otherwise know about it yet.

Window & Wall Stickers

We offer a wide range of large size print materials, such as stickers for your window, wall and floor stickers.  Roll Ups, stands and anything else you can think of, if there is a custom job you need completed, contact us today.

Packaged Inexpensive Solutions that Produce Results

Our design and print packages are put together in a way that your dental clinic is provided with creative, elegant print and designs that will help you send the right message to your target audience. Your individual needs are our main priority and we treat each client individually, ensuring an excellent customer journey.

From the initial market research, choosing the clinic name, colour and branding palettes, logo design, website design and development, print material and the monthly marketing services will help everything come together and result in more patients for your business.


Intensive researching into your market opportunities to ensure success.

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This ensures we are second to none delivering complete solutions to our dentists.

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No two clients are the same, therefore every client gets a packaged solution

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We get you appearing in where your potential clients are searching

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    Clinic Analysis

    If you would like to organise a 30-45minute session with one of our specialists, please click the link below to get started, this will give you a better idea of what dental advertising services you may be interested in, whether it is dental flyers, dental brochures or window stickers, floor stickers, car stickers, roll up stands to small items such as dental stationery such as business cards, we provide it all.

    We perform a pre SWOT analysis prior to the meeting to ensure we are up to speed and have a clear view of the problems and opportunities

    Clinic Analysis