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Dentist Video Marketing

Dentist Video Marketing

Dental Marketing videos to awe your audience

Short Dental Marketing Videos are a great way to show your patients a quick overview of your dental services without overwhelming them with a lot of information.

Within thirty seconds, your patients will have the information they need in the form of a visually appealing video. They can see there is a real person behind the camera, a trustworthy professional and will, in turn, give them a level of trust towards you and your clinic, enticing them to contact you.
Dentist video marketing has grown tremendously over the past years; videos stand out on websites and Social Media platforms. In addition, people prefer videos, as it’s the easiest method to get information, as it only requires one click.
People tend to remember something better after they have seen or experienced it. By using dental marketing videos, customers will learn about your practice services in an easy and fun way.
As well as a Dental Marketing Video being a major usability factor on your website, engaging a visitor and portraying a vast amount of information within 30 seconds, it also has a secondary use. We will use these videos to appear in Google searches, matching the YouTube video to customer searches, attracting potential customers who are not on your website to use your service.

We now offer 360-degree tours for dental clinics, which can be incorporated with creative dental marketing videos to produce a unique experience for the viewer.

Dental Video Marketing

Dental video marketing is a powerful and effective way to help you reach your audience in creative ways. However, while print and online advertising may seem like the best form of marketing, a lot of the time, potential patients do not take the time to read blocks of text or long paragraphs.

With dental video marketing, you can ensure that people will watch what you want them to see.
We have seen that using video in the marketing mix for a dental clinic can increase conversions by 80%. This increase of conversions is because you can pack in a lot of information in a 3-minute video, which will educate and sell your clinic’s products and services.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the use of videos to market a product, service or brand. Effective video marketing should be about gathering your target audience’s attention through entertaining or exciting content. Videos should be short, simple and easy to digest while refraining from being offensive in any manner.
The video should make sense with your brand message while cautioning against coming across as too commercialised in nature.

A marketing video is an increasingly popular form of trying to get the attention of potential patients. Customers are making decisions more quickly, so companies are increasingly looking for new ways to get their message to potential patients in a way that sends a clear message quickly.

How to Create a Marketing Video for a Dental Clinic – Our Approach


We aim to :

  1. Create a beautiful, creative, informative videos your dental clinic.
  2. Assist you to use these in your marketing mix to gain the best results.
  3. Create tailor made formats to match the platform you or intended use.
  4. Ensure your branding is evident throughout each vide.
  5. Build each video with a clear purpose, to capture interested patients.


The process of development is as follows:

  1. An initial discussion with you in order to properly understand your Clinics treatments, goals and objectives for each video.
  2. The first step to creating a successful dental marketing video is determining who your target audience is and your message. It should always be clear what the objective for each video is, and this should be checked regularly to ensure that the message stays very clear.
    Plan in advance, ensure you have the answers to all of the following questions:
    – Who will be involved in these videos, staff and patients?
    – Do you have signed consent forms to use them in paid marketing campaigns
    – What does your budget look like?
    – What’s the deadline you’re working with here?
    – Do we need to hire a video team?
    – what dates are you planning to have the video shoot?
    – have you all of the text prepared?
  3. Preparation, planning the flow of the video, the content, order, and ensuring the message is clear
  4. Recording, either in house or by a professional video crew
  5. Video Production, involving the creation of each video from the raw material
  6. Final edits and launch


The time frame for a selection of videos for your dental clinic takes approximately 2 months in total after our initial meeting.  This depends on the amount of videos, the detail and also how quickly we can get the information we require from you.

Expected Results

A selection of promotional videos you should be proud of, based on your requirements, built with our expertise.

Dental Marketing Expert

The Power of Video

Viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when obtained via video.


Video ads were the number ONE way consumers discovered a brand they later purchased from.


84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.


Cisco predicts that live Internet video will account for 17% of Internet video traffic by 2022.

Why use Video Marketing for your Dental Clinic?

Video Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to engage and market to your potential audience.
Videos are a great way to introduce your brand or product to a specific area; they can be used to grow your social media following, educate patients, sell to existing patients and new potential ones, promote events or other content and work well to increase your rankings in Google if set up correctly.

What is an example of video marketing?

Below are some examples of video marketing that were used to help dental clinics achieve their goals. As mentioned earlier, videos can be used for many different reasons: to introduce your brand (brand Awareness), introduce an offer, educate the viewer, illustrate a testimonial, discuss a particular treatment, run competitions, and much more.

Simple Explainer Videos

Clinic Introduction Video

Treatment Explainer Videos

Detailed Treatment Promotional Videos

Introducing the Team Video

360 degree Tour of your clinic

Patient Testimonial Videos

FAQ based Videos

Health and Safety Videos

Competition based Videos

Dental practice video marketing

Having a Smart TV in your clinic waiting room is a great idea as you can educate and upsell to those waiting, you can use these videos that you have created here, having an additional option to use sound, or put subtitles on them (which gives the added benefit of a quiet waiting room and more suitable for anyone with hearing issues)

Why video marketing is so powerful?

The use of dental videos is an extremely powerful medium because it allows you to connect with your target audience emotionally. This is vital for dental clinics, as it brings a closeness that does not exist on websites; it allows a potential patient to see who you are, how your clinic works, your ethos and your approach.

Mobile video consumption rises 100% every year, and cisco estimate that video is to make up 82% of all internet traffic; video is the future, and it is a powerful medium to use.

YouTube has the best Return On Investment (ROI) than Facebook or Instagram; it is incredibly cheap to use in terms of cost.

66% of people said they’d prefer to watch a video to learn about a product or service compared to a text description.

How much does a marketing video cost?

It is important to note all the different items you will need to invest in to have a fully functional video that generates patients.

The first section will be the cost included in the recording of the video; you have a few options here.

Record in-house

    • rent professional cameras, tripods, lights and microphones (ensure you can use them well)
    • purchase professional c cameras, tripods, lights and microphones (train one of your staff to use them well)
    • Use camera phones with proper stands (lower quality recording and sound, but keeps the cost down)

Costs for renting cameras and other items can be over 350euros a day, our advice to you is to get insurance while you rent.

Professional cameras, microphones, tripods and lights will cost anywhere from 1000 euros upwards. The issue with the two of these options is that these cameras are extremely powerful but quite challenging to master and use well, you can point and shoot, but there is a high chance that the result may not be what you are looking for, dark videos, overexposed, poor audio etc.

Hire a camera team

This is what we would recommend; it will save you time and money and guarantee excellent results. The only thing I would mention here is to ask the camera team to send your marketing team the raw material. Some photographers will charge you per video, which will end up costly; it is better to pay for all the raw material and let your marketing team then create an unlimited number of focused videos from them.

The costs we have seen for renting a team to record go from anywhere from 450 euros a day upwards, depending on the location of the clinic and the experience and number of staff the photo team has.

Video Production - Turning the raw material into the final product

You have two options here, as mentioned already. You can pay the camera team to create the final videos, but they will charge you per video, and these videos may not be optimised for marketing online; the length, dimensions, etc., may need to be re-edited anyway by your marketing team.

The second option would be to get the photography team to send the raw material to the marketing team, leaving them to create the videos exactly as they wanted. The price of video production will cost anywhere from 150 euro upwards per video, depending on the number of hours needed to create it.

It is better to arrange a packaged deal with the marketing company who will include 15-20 videos at a set price.

Once you have your video, you can run it on various platforms. Video ads are from 40% to 150% cheaper than text ads in the dental industry; you will pay on average 40 cents or more for a click of an ad in Google Ads, comparting this to 1 cent for a 30-second video view, its very clear which is the winner here.

Frequently Asked Questions – Dental Video Marketing

How to make dental videos

  1. Once you have the above all planned out and answered, you can follow this list:
    Come up with an idea for your dental video that is original and makes people want to watch it (what problem does it solve, how should they feel after watching)
  2. Decide on the customer persona you’ll be targeting; their interests, values, wants, demographics?
  3. Plan out the structure of the video, introduction, ending and chapters or sections in between. Look around the world for inspiration to see how you can approach the videos, what you can include, and take note of what you like and do not like from other videos.
  4. Draft a script that will be used, and double-check that it portrays the message you originally planned for
  5. Prepare the location of the shoots, prepare a location in your clinic with carefully selected props in the background, such as awards, certifications, plants, and ensure that the location is clean and looks professional and calming for the viewers.
  6. Select a day for the shoot, ensuring that weather has been checked for outdoor filming and that all necessary personnel are available.
  7. Hire a professional team to record the videos to save you time and heartache, or if you feel confident, purchase professional video equipment and record the videos yourself.
  8. Hire a professional marketing company to piece together the videos and produce the end result; they will be able to ensure that all the hard work that went into creating the videos is put to good use and ultimately seen by all of your target audience. The more specific the video, the better, so having a video per treatment is a great idea and will work very well in capturing new patient enquiries.

How to use YouTube for marketing your Dental Clinic?

Once your videos are created, ensure you have a brand YouTube channel set up and optimised by your marketing team. It is essential to optimise each video before uploading them to YouTube, as this will determine how well they will perform in Google Rankings.
Your videos then can be used and embedded on your website and social media platforms from your YouTube channel.
Your videos can be seen organically (not in the ads section) when people search in YouTube (if optimised before uploading)
You can also run YouTube ads via Google Ads, which are very cost-effective. These will appear in various locations on other websites, on YouTube search, and before popular ads on YouTube. These are fantastic for brand awareness and allow you to get free visibility. Google will charge you only when a potential patient will view the video past the 10-second mark, so the first 10 seconds are free. You can then measure how popular the video is by seeing the percentage of people who watched the full video.

Where can I use video marketing?

A video can be used on a website in various ways to enhance the user experience by demonstrating treatments or offers.
Videos can be uploaded onto social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business and YouTube to help promote a dental clinic’s products or treatments.
Videos can be placed on the dental clinic website resulting in an improved user experience for all who visit. In addition, you can reach potential patients by running ads on YouTube, which can actually appear on smart tv’s can other compatible devices.

Why do few clinics use Dental Video Marketing?

The two main reasons that dental clinics avoid using dental video marketing in their marketing mix are:

  1. To create professional videos, you need to invest in a professional camera and spend a lot of time and energy planning, recording, re-recording, editing, and working on the video to get it to a professional level, a lot of clinic owners told us they gave up at the start when they tried to record videos themselves
  2. Some clinic Owners and staff feel insecure or embarrassed to talk in front of a camera.

The first reason can be overcome easily by hiring professionals to go to your clinic for a half-day or full-day and record all the raw material they can. Then this can be sent to a dental marketing company such as us, where we can create multiple focused videos from them.

The second issue can be overcome by practising; the more you practice talking in front of a camera, the easier it is, and the better the videos, the more confident you will feel about doing more of them. You should feel proud to talk about your business and your treatments, as the concept is the same as if a patient came into your clinic asking for advice.

If you or your staff are 100% sure that they do not want to speak in front of a video, we can just record the audio for the video, take additional videos of the staff working, videos of the inside and outside of the clinic, patients in the clinic, and piece it together so that we do not show any dentist or clinic owner speaking directly, we just use their audio, and piece it together with other clips.

How to create a marketing video

The first step to creating a successful dental marketing video is determining who your target audience is and your message. It should always be clear what the objective for each video is, and this should be checked regularly to ensure that the message stays very clear.
Plan in advance, ensure you have the answers to all of the following questions:
– Who will be involved in these videos, staff and patients?
– Do you have signed consent forms to use them in paid marketing campaigns
– What does your budget look like?
– What’s the deadline you’re working with here?
– Do we need to hire a video team?
– what dates are you planning to have the video shoot?
– have you all of the text prepared?

Some Examples of our work

Below are a few of the videos we have created for clients, a mix of simple promo videos, animated videos, and in-depth interview style treatment focused videos


Professional dental office marketing videos

Create professional videos, invest in quality

One note to make, from what we have seen over the years, videos are extremely powerful; they get a message across and are seen by many. A well-planned video can do wonders for a clinic, but a poorly designed one can have the opposite effects.

We have seen clinic’s that tried to create the videos in-house, which resulted in an amateur video, not clear, shaking, poor exposure and what it ended up doing was scaring away potential patients. The same point we make about your logo and branding and first impressions, people will associate your branding, logo, and marketing videos with their envisage of your treatment quality.

If the videos look cheap or poor, they will think your treatment quality is the same. Once you are finished with the video production, before running ads or promoting with them, test them out on a few family members and get feedback, it may help you get a second opinion before it is too late.

Dental video marketing agency

If you’re looking for a dental video marketing agency, look no further. We have years of experience providing dental clinics with professional videos that will help them grow their business.

Our team has worked with hundreds of dentists to create the perfect videos for their practice. Each one is tailored specifically to your needs and goals so you can get the best results possible from your investment.

Whether it’s an explainer video or a testimonial, treatment video or something bespoke, we know how important it is to capture your audience’s attention right away and keep them engaged throughout the entire process. That’s why we work hard on every detail until they are just right – because when you see what we can do, you won’t want anyone else working on your videos!

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Video is the best form of advertising, sending your message clearly to the viewers in detail in a few seconds.

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