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Best Dental Marketing Company

Award Winning Dental Marketing Agency
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At Dental Booster, we are humbled to be nominated for the awards below, this means a lot to the whole team here, and the hard work, late nights, and generosity have all paid off.
One Award was for our charity work which we do not promote publicly; we aim to constantly spend a percentage of our time and resources helping those who need it the most.
The other award was for our bespoke dental marketing plans, producing amazing results for our clients.

Service Company of the year

Aimed at Companies that give their customers excellent service standards.

Our award for the Best dental marketing Servicing Company proves that we have what it takes to make you smile, and make your dental company grow. When you choose us as your dental service provider, you’ll love how easy and efficient every step of the process is. We pride ourselves on taking care of everything from start to finish so there are no surprises or headaches.

This award is focused on those that

  • Went above and beyond to ensure results were achieved?
  • Offer a higher level of quality to other companies
  • Provide real proof of a percentage year-on-year growth for clients?
  • Provide more benefits and additional services
  • Show testimonial evidence to show numerous real-life examples
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Corporate Social responsibility Award

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business’s approach to ‘doing the right thing’ in the community.

Recipient of the prestigious Corporate Social responsibility Award, Dental Booster has won not only for themselves but also for those they help. With contributions to a wide variety of charities and causes in the past few years ranging from funding local animal shelters to promoting various multinational charities around the globe. We hope that being recognized at an award show like this one will inspire others to take on similar projects as well.

We believe we are extremely lucky to have health, work, a roof over our heads, so with this in mind we want to continuously give back to those who need it.

If you have a worthy charity that needs help, please get in touch with us below

Below are just a few of the services we can provide any Charity

Design & Branding

Local Marketing

Social Media Management

Logo Design


Paid Ads

Website Development

Google Ads

Marketing Plan Creation

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The Best Dental Marketing Company

Our Aim is to become the best dental marketing company out there, one clinic at a time, and these awards illustrate that we are on the right path!
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