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Social Media Marketing for Dentists

More exposure, More Patient communication and traffic through social media
social media marketing for dentists

What is Social Media Marketing for Dentists?

We offer a tailor-made service called Social Media Marketing for Dentists which is growing in popularity over the last year or two.  Social Media Marketing is the process of promoting the products, brand or services of dental clinics through social media channels to reach a larger audience. This includes platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.

Marketing can be done on social media by implementing strategies that include building an organic following as well as engaging in sponsorships and advertising.

Building an organic following takes time, but will pay off in the end as it is a great way to keep your patients coming back to you.

The paid ads that you can run on any social media platform allows you to reach new potential patients and promote your products and services to them.

This type of marketing allows brands to have a dialogue with their followers while also being heavily influential in who their followers choose to follow next when making decisions about where they spend money. More importantly, social media marketing allows marketers the ability to integrate targeting directly into their content strategy in order to provide a more personalized experience for those who seek out their product or service through these channels.

Social Media for Dentists – Approach


We aim to :

  1. Create full accurate profiles on social media platforms as possible.
  2. Increase Brand Awareness of your Dental Clinic.
  3. Drive traffic to your Dental Clinic Website.
  4. Ensure your Goals, Style and Views are expressed in all social media marketing.
  5. Generate new Patient Leads for your Clinic.
  6. Ensure there is an ROI from the Social Media Marketing efforts.


The process of development is as follows:

  1. An initial discussion with you in order to properly understand your main Clinics treatments, goals and objectives.
  2. We set up and create your presence and profiles on many different platforms social media platforms
  3. We then work monthly creating creative content for these platforms and posting on a regular basis, tracking the results
  4. If applicable, we run paid ads for specific creative content to gain a wider reach.


The time frame for the social media marketing for your dental clinic takes about 2 weeks to set up after our initial meeting.  From then onwards you will be able to see the posts, the growth and the results with it.

Expected Results

The results will depend on where your clinic is based and whether you had any social media profiles and followers before we take over.  For new clinics, or those new to social media we would advise running paid advertisements to grow the number of people following your clinic.

Dental Marketing Expert

of people admitted they purchased a service because they saw it on social media


Approximately 68% of Adults report they use Facebook


of people use Instagram to discover new products and services and 87% said they took specific action, like making a purchase, after seeing product information.

How Can Social Media help my Dental Clinic?

Social Media Marketing for Dentists

Social media is a versatile world that dental clinics can utilise for many different purposes. For example, social media marketing should always aim to build relationships with your audience. One way of doing this as a dentist would be convincing patients they will have an enjoyable experience at your office by showcasing what you are good at, such as showing off how experienced and authoritative you are in the field while also sharing fun content. Hence, it isn’t quite as scary going into the dentist’s room as some people may think!

Dental Clinics can use social media to help patients feel safe and comfortable before they enter your clinic. Showcase your authority, your wisdom, your awards, your knowledge, your case studies and last but not least, your personal side.  Build a familiarisation and strong relation with your patients through social media to ensure they feel comfortable about their visit.

You can use social media in many ways, but here are some examples of content types to create that we found works wonders:

Showcase Offers

Explain and Introduce Treatments

Introduce your Team Members

Health & Safety Updates

Testimonial Videos

Treatment Videos

Frequently Asked Questions answered by the dentist

Before & After Case Studies

Links to Longer Blog Posts about a subject matter

The above are just some content types you can create, the most important thing is that you have a clear strategy in place, track the results and see which social media platform is working for you.

Advantages of social media marketing for dentists?

Increased Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the cheapest digital marketing methods. You can share content and try to get more people to see your business by engaging with them on social media. You should use social media profiles for your business and interact with others. Get employees, business partners, and sponsors to “like” or “share” your posts so you can increase brand awareness. The more people who like or share a post, the more likely it is that other people will see it too.

Social media marketing is an excellent way to broaden your business’s exposure. When people share content from you, they introduce it to a new network of individuals and the more that know about what you do, the better off your brand will be!

With regular use, having just one social page for your business could lead to huge benefits in no time at all–and as long as there are willing subscribers who want updates on everything related to them or interactions with other users (which most likely includes their friends and family), then sharing posts should never become too much of an inconvenience!

Remember that 84% of people will trust an online review or referral from a firend equally as much as they trust a personal recommendation

Improved Visibility in Google - More Rankings

Posting on multiple social media platforms will increase traffic to your website, but also increase the signals Google gets from your brand.  Adding social media to a local SEO campaign for a dental clinic will increase its effectiveness, and they work hand in hand to help each other.

Working with well-built pages or blog posts is a great way to generate positive results.  Create a unique well-written piece about a topic that is related to your business, and spread this across social media.  those who find it helpful will spend time reading it or even link to it, which all help this website or particular page rank higher in Google.

Google is looking for unique, captivating content that people love to read, watch and enjoy, if you can produce this, it will help you grown online, as people will naturally share it, and Google will detect all of this activity.

More Website Visitors

Syndicating your content on various social media platforms allows it to reach new audiences, as people like share and interact with the content, more see it, allowing it to become viral.

The sudden and rapid growth of social media has opened up a world of possibilities, one being the ability to get your message out in front of thousands of new people. But how can you tell if something will go viral? The secret is in understanding the importance of what makes content shareable.
Luckily we have studied various different post types on different platforms and know from experience what will work where.

The great thing about it is a lot of this new audience will view your website, which results in new website visitors.

If you’re a dentist that’s looking to increase your website visitors, one of the best ways is by syndicating your content on social media. With Facebook Instagram and TikTok feeds becoming more and more popular with consumers, it makes sense for marketing agencies to promote their clients’ websites through these channels. Syndication isn’t just about making sure that all of your posts are shared across the web; it also means promoting them within other platforms as well so people can find them in their streams and newsfeeds.

Closer Patient Relationship & higher Trust Levels

Social Media breaks down the barrier that exists between a new patient and a clinic, it allows a potential patient to see the people behind the clinic, their posts, their past work, what others think of the service, any awards they have won.  It also allows the clinic to interact and respond to a potential patient, which gives a personal experience that a cold email message would not have.

Social media has become a necessary component of the dental industry, and there is an overwhelming need for dentists to take full advantage of this opportunity. In order to do so, it is important for them not only to use social media as a form of communication and marketing with patients but also as a way of showing compassion.

Cost Effective - if done correctly

At Dental Booster, we have seen that social media can be very cost-effective for dental clinics; if there’s an investment in both time, resources and if it is executed well, social media can produce fantastic results.

The long-term ROI of investing in social media tools should always be considered before taking any action or making any decision: does your company stand to benefit from increased brand recognition? Will increased website traffic generate more sales leads? How many people will see your company’s business on Twitter or Facebook today regardless of what you post? The future benefits generated by social media has helped many organisations justify their initial investment.

Many Clinics post aimlessly on Facebook and Instagram to the same audience, which is a waste of staff time and resources. There needs to be a clear plan behind every action that you do.

Talk to us today about social media marketing for dental clinics, and see what it can do for you

Everything you need in One Packaged Solution

Dental Booster will help you to get higher profitability, more patients, an appealing brand with the help of effective marketing tools.  As you are looking at social media marketing to help your dental clinic grow, you may be interested in learning what other package we have on offer.  We package and customise our solutions to give you value, and also everything you need to grow.  We package our Google Ads marketing, Local Optimisation, Dental SEO and Social Media management and ads into tailor-made packages for your clinic.

The below are the main social media platforms a dental clinic can use to attract more patients, but we use a lot more than these in our social media management plans.  Also if the target is a B2B approach, different platforms are suited than the ones below.


Facebook is one of the leading tools a dental clinic can use to grow, it is the most used social media platforms


Instagram is the second most used social media platform, owned also by Facebook, this tool is very useful for dental clinics


YouTube, owned by Google is a fantastic way to share video content on multiple mediums, vital for any dental clinic

Google My Business

This listing can be very useful for Dental Clinics, and generate a lot of new enquiries if used well


TikTok is another platform that dental practices everywhere will want to check out, used by a younger audience, but very effective


We perform custom in-depth research into your local and national market


We analyse the Market for you, suggesting various areas of improvement and growth, highlighting their benefits


We agree a plan with you, with specific targets and milestones and start the work..


We report on our results and progress monthly, so you can see the powerful impact of our work.

Frequently Asked Questions – Social Media for dentists

Do dentists need social media?

It’s important for a dentist to engage and be active on social media. Having an influential voice on social media strengthens the public perception of a business or organization and creates valuable connections with potential patients. For instance, people who visit doctors regularly like them better than other professionals in that industry because they view them as experts and nothing else, given that dentistry is a profession largely based around trust. Social Media helps the dental clinic instil that level of trust before a patient even enters the clinic.

what is social media marketing?

Social media marketing encompasses various activities, from content development and managing social media profiles to community engagement and collaboration. Using appropriate platforms, a business can engage with and interact with their ideal audience in two-way communications without paying for advertising space. This means that the philosophy behind this form of marketing is about building relationships based on mutual value, where the business receives feedback from customers and meaningful insight into the customer’s needs, wants, desires, thoughts and feelings. The interactions that take place over social media are shared among peers and marketed to prospective customers on a much larger scale than word-of-mouth could ever accomplish.

why social media is important for your business?

As the internet continues to evolve, social media will continue to play an important part in how we do business and how you can grow your dental clinic.

Social Media can allow you access to markets that would otherwise be unreachable, track your competition and gauge changes in customer demand. In addition, it’s a great way to get feedback from your customers about new or existing products or services.

It’s also important for communicating with staff at headquarters who don’t have day-to-day contact with people at locations across the country – as it allows them to stay connected and update everyone else on happenings as they happen.

how to market a dental practice with social media?

While there’s no specific ‘magic bullet’ or single answer to this question, the following strategies are worth considering.

Firstly it is important to know which treatments you want to promote more than others.

Secondly, you should create a target audience for each treatment: focusing on a specific age, sex, interest, wage.

Then you can pick the social media platforms your target audience uses and plan out a list of content and approaches that you will take.

For each treatment, you need to understand the pain points that the patient has and how your treatment will help them overcome these; once you fully understand this relationship, you can create more effective content.

The key is finding or creating engaging, informative, and tailored content for your audience – but also not strictly dental-related. Some studies show that this kind of balance can make all the difference in getting people to tune into what you have to say about dentistry.

We know that we need to show people a dental practice is serious and not just throwing money at it. It’s great to make everything nice and specific, but you also need to create the feeling of warmth – our office provides this service with laughs and smiles.

how can social media listening increase customer advocacy?

I will start by defining the term customer advocacy. Customer advocacy is where an existing customer becomes a brand evangelist for your company. Their word-of-mouth promotional activity drives new customers to your company. It reminds current ones of the value of their purchase decision over other options that they may have had available to them when making that decision.

Social media listening can drastically increase customer advocacy and create more opportunities to connect with potential and existing supporters. You first need to analyse how social media influencers interact on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, then use various marketing tools to investigate which topics and content would work well for social media based on trending topics.

how to create content for social media?

It is important to have a plan in mind before creating

Understand your purpose for having an account on the site.

Make sure you’re using relevant hashtags and links to other sites on your posts.

Don’t post too much! Instead, spread it out over at least a few days so people don’t get annoyed with you popping up in their feeds all the time.

The types of content you can create, for example, could be

  • Showcase Offers
  • Explain and Introduce Treatments
  • Introduce your Team Members
  • Health & Safety Updates
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Treatment Videos
  • Frequently Asked Questions answered by the dentist
  • Before & After Case Studies
  • Links to Longer Blog Posts about a subject matter

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