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The Recipe for Great Dental Websites

Great Dental Websites

The Recipe for Great Dental Websites

Tips to Creating a TOP Dental Clinic Website

If you are wondering what your website needs to become one of the best dental website that works well and will increase your patient volume? This article may help you on your way.
Because of the increasing competition in the dental industry and the fast development of technology, it is vital that you keep your practice website up to date. With the rise of the importance of engaging with patients, the importance of SEO and Social Media, the importance of the dental clinic website has increased as well.

Easily Found

Can your potential patients find your website, and your contact details easily?  Try searching Google for a dentist in your local area.  Do you appear on the maps, in the ad section or in the google results?  If not you may need to put a plan in place to improve this, get on Google and increase your customer base


Most people will search briefly to see if a dentist has a good track record, and has good reviews available on the internet.  These can be from Google local, Trustpilot, yellow pages, Facebook etc.

Transparent pricing

Frustrated visitors will leave your website if they cannot find what they are looking for, price is a big choosing factor for potential customers, and its a good idea to have your pricing easy to understand, and clear with no hidden extras.

Unique Branding

Your logo, and your branding could be the first thing a potential customer sees, if the logo looks badly designed and unprofessional, they will think the same towards your dental clinic.  Every dental clinic website should incorporate their practice’s unique visual identity.  A practice should have there own unique logo, use of brand colours, font, marketing tools and website design.

Useful information

Besides attracting new patients it is important that the site is of value for already exciting patients. Therefore the website should provide educational information. For example, information of how patients could improve their dental health and the appearance of their teeth. This information can be distributed in several ways, such as: videos, a blog etc.

Contact number & Contact form always visible

Another relevant element on a dental website is a call to action button, which is primarily used to make an appointment or to get in touch with your practice, your phone number should also be visible all the time.

Interesting Factual content

In these days people do not generally read big blocks of text, they prefer images, illustrations, videos and bullet points.  Information displayed like this is easily read, understood and processed.

We currently provide a unique service where we analyse your Dental Clinic’s online performance and give you a clear guide how to improve things.  If this interests you, please get in touch