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Dental Award Nomination – Advertisement of the Year 2023

Dental Award Nomination - Advertisement of the Year 2023

It is with immense joy and excitement that we share the news of Dental Booster’s nomination for the Advertisement of the Year Award 2023 in the UK and Ireland. This prestigious nomination is a testament to our team’s hard work, creativity, and dedication in crafting an outstanding video ad that left a significant impact on our audience.

The Advertisement we are incredibly proud to propose for this award is a video ad that we strategically utilised on social media platforms and YouTube to promote our valued client, Cork City Dentist.

Objectives: A Dental Dilemma

In the dental industry, one of the most formidable challenges faced by dentists and orthodontists is persuading patients, particularly children, teens, and adults, to opt for orthodontic treatment. The primary hurdle lies in the aesthetic concerns associated with traditional braces. Even the more discreet options like Invisalign or ceramic braces are not entirely invisible, leaving patients self-conscious about their appearance.

Children and teens, particularly, are highly conscious of their appearance during their formative years. They often find themselves in delicate situations at school and are understandably hesitant to add the stress of unsightly braces to their daily lives. Similarly, adults also grapple with the stigma of getting braces, worrying about how it will affect their appearance and lifestyle.

Adding to this challenge is the growing trend of social media users ignoring or subconsciously disregarding advertisements, as many ads tend to look and feel similar. This presented us with the opportunity to harness the power of video to engage potential customers and promote the services of a dental clinic effectively.

Our Approach: Crafting an Impactful Ad

Recognising the need for a fresh and innovative approach, we embarked on a mission to create an ad that was visually captivating, educational, and informative. We needed to instil trust in our viewers and make our message clear. We aimed to achieve the following with our ad:

  • Originality
  • Captivating storytelling
  • Simplicity
  • Educational content
  • A clear call to action at the end

The Result: A Winning Advertisement

We crafted five different versions of this ad idea, meticulously tested them with a sample audience, and selected the best-performing ad. Our winning ad seamlessly combines animation with real-life interviews featuring the business owner.

The ad is currently running actively on YouTube ads, Google video ads, and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. We have achieved remarkable results, surpassing our objectives. In the last month alone, our video garnered 6,529 views, with an impressive interaction rate of 84%. This incredible response is a testament to our targeted approach, ensuring we reach the right audience with our message.

But the success doesn’t stop there. Our client has reported a significant increase in orthodontic inquiries and new patient sign-ups since the ad’s launch. The return on investment (ROI) for this ad, to date, stands at an astounding 1,338%.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our dedicated team and our supportive clients who trusted us to deliver outstanding results. We would also like to thank our audience for their engagement, shares, and positive feedback.

As we celebrate this nomination for the Advertisement of the Year Award 2023, we look forward to continued innovation and excellence in our marketing endeavours. We remain committed to delivering exceptional results and pushing the boundaries of creativity in the dental marketing industry.

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