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Trading Online Voucher for Dentists – LEO

Trading Online Voucher Scheme - What is it?

The Trading Online Voucher Scheme is an Irish Government led scheme that offers funding for 50% up to €2500, so a maximum of €1250 assistance. The amount does not cover VAT.

The Trading Online Voucher Scheme is designed to help small businesses trade more online and boost sales. The scheme offers financial assistance up to €2,500 with co-funding of 50% from the business along with training and advice on how you can start trading online for your own benefit. This investment could save you as much as €1,250 or even more when developing your capacity by going digital!

The Government’s National Digital Strategy was created specifically to assist small businesses like yours in boosting their economy through internet-based activities such as e-commerce transactions. If this sounds appealing then we invite you to sign up now before spots run out!

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Did you know you can now receive funding for up to 50% of €2500 for your clinic’s marketing efforts?

Trading Online Voucher Scheme - Who is it for?

This voucher is a great way for dental clinics to get the help they need during these hard times. Not only will this business be able to upgrade their technology, but it also gives them assistance with marketing and merchandising so that businesses can start seeing some success again!

The main limitations are that you must have been in operation at least six months prior to applying, your office has ten or fewer employees throughout all its branches, and your company’s annual turnover cannot exceed 2million euros.

Businesses who already used up one of these vouchers may apply for another award – why not give yourself a fighting chance against tough economic climates?

Trading Online Voucher Scheme - Why was it created?

Grow your business online with the help of the Government’s National Digital Strategy. The Trading Online Voucher Scheme is designed to help small businesses that have up to 10 employees trade more online, increase their sales and reach new markets.

Getting involved in this scheme can make it much easier for you when trading online as a study found out that many consumers are purchasing products from outside of Ireland while Irish companies don’t have the ability to sell via the internet.

This scheme was created in 2014, as a study showed that many consumers in Ireland were purchasing online from businesses outside of Ireland, and few Irish businesses had the ability to sell their products and services online.

Trading Online Voucher Scheme - How can it help my dental clinic?

The Trading online voucher can be used for a variety of activities, apart from the obvious creation and maintenance of your website. You may choose to have us design and develop an entirely new site from scratch or do something more like creating content for it such as video footage, photography from our team’s photoshoot, market research to find out what people are looking for when they are looking for dental treatments in your area. we’ve seen everything!

Each Dental Clinic is different, and so are it’s business and marketing needs.  The good news is this grant can be used in almost any marketing effort, so it is a perfect fit for most clinics.

Local Optimisation

With local optimisation we ensure that your clinic is prominent and visible to your local audience, enticing local loyal potentially life long patients to choose you! This will ensure that your clinic appears in the local searches, in one of the most visible regions of the Google result set

Paid Advertising

There are numerous mediums which can be taken advantage of to deliver immediate enquiries and patients to your clinic. These are paid advertising opportunities such as Google text Ads, Google Video Ads, Bing Ads, and paid articles, banners and much much more. You will either pay for a listing, or per click on the advert, if set up correctly, this can be very effective

Custom Offline Marketing

We also suggest offline marketing opportunities such as magazines, radio and TV to ensure you aim your marketing efforts at all age groups and demographics. Each clinic is very different, and so is their marketing plan

Trading Online Voucher Scheme - How do I know if I may need Online Marketing?

The internet is a treasure trove of potential patients for dental clinics looking to grow. New enquiries, however, are not simply handed out from the get-go; they must be earned through Local SEO, online and offline promotions and efforts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter and of course, a website that is built specifically to your target demographic.

Do you want more people at your dental clinic? The best way would be via referrals, but if this isn’t enough, then it’s time we looked online where there exist hordes of prospective patients waiting for you

If you are not getting daily dental inquiries from your website and social media that convert into paying patients, you have a potential stream of patients you have not yet tapped into.

Trading Online Voucher Scheme - How can we help?

At dentalbooster, we have been helping dental clinics worldwide grow their patient numbers, increase their online visibility and increase revenue for many years. Dental Clinics trust us because we deliver results, and we are there for them when they need it.

We have seen the disastrous effects of COVID-19 on the economy want to offer our help to anyone who needs it. We are offering all readers of this article a discounted package to match this grant.
The package includes:

35% Discount
Web & Logo
  • New Logo & Branding Creation
  • New Website Design and Development – up to 15 pages
  • Content creation – 15 pages
  • 6 months monthly marketing

2500 Plus VAT
30% Discount
Web & Video
  • Promotional Video for your clinic
  • New Website Design and Development – up to 15 pages
  • Content creation – 15 pages
  • 6 months monthly marketing

2500 Plus VAT
40% Discount
Web & Video & Marketing
  • New Logo & Branding Creation
  • Promotional Video for your clinic
  • New Website Design and Development – up to 15 pages
  • Content creation – 15 pages
  • 6 months monthly marketing

a: 6 months Local Optimisation Marketing OR

b: 6 months Social Media Management OR

c: 6 months Local Social Media & Google Ads

5000 Plus VAT

Frequently Asked Questions – Trading Online Voucher

How does the online trading Voucher work?

The voucher is a financial incentive for small businesses to develop or enhance their ability to trade online. Under the scheme, qualifying businesses may apply for matched funding up to  €2,500 in order to reach 50% of eligible expenditures (exclusive of VAT) – whichever value comes out as lesser.

Can I get a second online trading voucher?

Businesses that have already received a Trading Online Voucher can now apply for an additional voucher, which would be used towards upgrades. Second vouchers also provide the opportunity to purchase subscriptions and software from low cost online retail platforms in order to establish your own presence online.

What are the steps to applying for the Trading Online Voucher?

At Dentalbooster, we can guide you through the application process and access whether your project is eligible or not before you apply.

To apply for the Trading Online Voucher scheme, you will need to attend an information seminar and submit a form with quotes from three suppliers.

To get started on this process, find out when your next webinar is happening by visiting your local LEO Office website.

What type of grant aid is provided by local enterprise office?

Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) are a new organization that assists with the establishment and/or growth of enterprises employing up to ten people. They offer grants for feasibility studies, priming grants, mentorship programs, business planning advice as well as other resources necessary for entrepreneurship. The main one we discuss in this article is the Trading Online Voucher

Has trading online vouchers been extended?

The Trading Online Voucher Scheme has now been expanded for businesses with second vouchers available worth up to €2500. Businesses can receive 10% co-funding on top of their voucher amount, which they can use towards adding payment facilities or booking systems to your website or developing new apps for customers to make purchases from the company much easier and faster than before!

The Grant or Trading Online Voucher has also been extended to be available into 2021/2022 which is great news for Irish businesses and a move that should be applauded by the government.

Get Started Today with the Trading Online Voucher.

If you are interested in applying for the Trading Online Voucher, please get in touch with us today, we are proud to say that 100% of our clinic’s applications were accepted.