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Dental Branding

Elegant Branding for your Dental Clinic

Dental Branding.First Impressions last.

The Branding of your Dental Clinic is vital, as you will generally do it once, and then use this branding for years to come

What is dental branding?

What is dental branding? The word ‘brand’ by itself refers to the business’s name, logo and other identifying symbols, items that make it easy to differentiate one dental clinic from another. However, beyond this outer layer, it is important to note the brands’ values, personality traits and customer relationship activities.
Designing a brand means understanding how to translate these three elements into an integrated package that reflects who the dental clinic is and what they service and treatments they are providing.

What is brand design?

Brand design is the process where all of the visual elements of a dental clinic are viewed strategically and combined to create an overall brand identity. It’s more than just how something looks; rather, it’s about what people perceive and how the people or potential patients view a dental clinic.

A successful branding strategy incorporates different design aspects like typography, colour palettes, logos, photography style and conceptual ideas, and for new clinics looking a choosing a name, tagline and brand positioning, all working together with insights from research to build connections between customers and what they find desirable about a product or service. The other component is effective storytelling so that the viewer understands not only what is being communicated but also the value that comes with it.

Dental Brand Design

Branding consists of choosing a colour palette that will be used on all your marketing material; keeping to these colours ensures that visitors see brand recognition in these colours, instilling trust and security.

Dental Booster provides a second to none service when it comes to dental branding. Our process is as follows:

  • We complete in-depth Colour Psychology research to ensure that the colours you use instil the desired response from your visitors. Blue instils a level of trust in your visitor, Red instils a level of urgency and can be used in contact buttons and so on…
  • From these, we pick one primary, secondary and a mix of tertiary colours to be used on your branding, as well as other additional colours.
  • Usually, we design a logo for a Dental Clinic with the branding, as the logo and branding work in tandem.

Dental Booster will help you to get higher profitability, more patients, an appealing brand with the help of powerful marketing tools.

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Creating a Website for a Dental Clinic – Approach


We aim to :

  1. Create a beautiful, branding scheme that represents your dental clinic.
  2. Give you a guide how to use your branding throughout your marketing mix.


The process of development is as follows:

  1. An initial discussion with you in order to properly understand your Clinics goals and objectives, style to ensure we have a clear idea of what you are looking for.
  2. We research the potential colour schemes which will align with your dental clinics style and approach.
  3. If you are looking for a new brand strategy we will look at your brand positioning, help you create a name, website domain, tagline and logo.


The time frame for a completely new brand strategy your dental clinic takes from 2 weeks to 6 weeks months in total after our initial meeting.  This depends on the the detail of the brand strategy (whether just the colour palette or a complete brand strategy is needed) and also how quickly we can get the information we require from you.

Expected Results

A dental clinic brand that you should be proud of, based on your requirements, built with our expertise.


Dental Branding, Everything you need in One Packaged Solution

Dental Booster will help you to get a higher profitability, more patients, an appealing brand with the help of effective marketing tools.  We package and customise our solutions to give you value, and also everything you need to grow.

We usually offer a package deal which includes the market research, a colour palette for your dental clinic, a logo for your dental clinic and a set of designs for office material and stationary.


A memorable logo with a well chosen branding palette will ensure that patients remember your clinic

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People will associate the quality of your online presence to the level of your treatments, therefore a poor logo, or branding will suggest a poor service.

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Chose the colours that will evoke the right feelings in your potential patients

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Use the logo and colour palette we create for you across your marketing mix, recognisable quality

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Get started with a new Branding Scheme for your Dental Clinic today, See how it helped our existing clients

Dental Clinic Branding

The Branding of your Dental Clinic is vital, as you will generally do it once and then use this branding for years to come.

Branding consists of choosing a colour palette that will be used on all your marketing material; keeping to these colours ensures that visitors see brand recognition in these colours, instilling trust and security.

Dental Booster provides a second to none service when it comes to dental branding. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to create a brand identity that is unique, memorable, and effective. So you can trust us to help your business grow!

You don’t have to settle for something generic or unoriginal when it comes to your branding. Instead, let our team work with you to develop a unique, memorable brand that will set you apart from your competitors. It doesn’t matter if you need just one piece or all of the pieces – we can do it all! The only thing left is for us to get started on creating your perfect brand today!

Dental Marketing Expert

Consistent branding

Consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23%


Initial Impression

Colours alone can influence up to 90% of an initial impression


Colour influences 85% of shoppers’ purchase decisions.

The importance of colour for your Dental Branding Strategy

What is a branding palette?

A colour palette refers to a small number of colours that are just enough to form a cohesive design on any given project – usually at least three, but no more than six. Both the Colours and their shades will be selected for maximum effect, exploring primary/secondary relationships and positive or negative contrasts between them.

How to pick a brand Colour palette?

It is important that your brand uses colour psychology to influence the mood of your target market. Colours affect consumer perceptions, emotions, attitudes and behaviour. A palette is a selection of colours that work well together on any medium. Before picking a palette, it’s essential to understand your marketing audience and how you want them to feel about your brand and dental clinic.

Choosing the wrong colour palette can mean selecting an audience that doesn’t align with your marketing goals or ideals as a dental clinic or sending out a bad signal which may scare potential patients away. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how colours can affect the feelings and actions of users before making any colour decisions for branding purposes.

The first step is to list feelings and emotions that you want a potential patient to experience when looking at your dental brand. With this list, we suggest matching colours and shades that help achieve this goal.
It is also important to pick colours that complement each other. Complementary, supplementary or contrasting colours are opposite of each other on the Itten Colour circle. For example, red and green, yellow and purple, orange and blue are all colours that complement each other.

What is the importance of colour?

Colour is one of the most potent visual stimuli in shaping how people feel in an environment. Much psychology research has been completed on this topic, and it is a vital step to creating a successful dental clinic.
The use of blue for calm and calming has served dental clinics very well; green signifies life and cleanliness; purple signifies high quality and royalty.

On the other hand, red, brown, or dark colours such as black could have a very negative effect.

Phycology of colour

The importance of choosing the right colours for your dental clinic cannot be overlooked. With the proper use of colour, many brands can give off a sophisticated, professional, or comforting feel simply through Colours. Studies show that Colours can have a significant effect on human emotion and mood. Below are some recommended colours along with some that we would not recommend for various reasons which we explain later.









Luminous colours


What is Colour Branding?

Colour branding uses colour products to evoke, create or reinforce a dental clinic’s brand. The use of colour branding is a powerful and cost-effective way of creating a strong, memorable and recognisable identity for your dental clinic.

Specifying the right brand colours is an essential step for any dental practice. Numerous studies have shown that colour impacts mood, influences purchasing decisions, and is the most powerful form of nonverbal communication. It appeals to our unconscious response with immediacy and pulls us in without even knowing why.

By consistently using colours associated with the same emotional response, individuals are given a sense of association with you and your dental clinic’s brand.

This can be accomplished through logos, uniforms, business cards, signage and other branded materials.

Choosing a Clinic Name

If you are opening a new clinic, or working on a rebrand, we can help you chose a name that will stand out, and represent your clinic.  We complete an in-depth research of terms which are local to your clinic, terms and adjectives which are positive and represent your clinics goals, and also terms which are positive for the ranking of your clinic in Google Searches.

Getting all of the above in the name, and the domain name for your dental clinic will be a major help in your future marketing.

To Re-brand or not to?

If you are in a position to have an existing clinic, with a name, logo, slogan, and colour scheme, you may be wondering if it is worth while rebranding if you are unhappy with the current one.

If is essential that you are happy with your clinic’s branding, but also you need to think of the negative impact poor branding will have in terms of capturing new patients, if the branding looks poor, potential patients will think that your clinic’s services are similar.

A new rebrand will give you the opportunity to start again, and attract new patients that would have originally discarded your clinic.  Marketing a dental clinic is a difficult task, so at dental booster we advise that you aim to ensure that every part of your marketing mix is done to the best level possible.

Best Colour combination for dental clinic

Here are some colours to consider for a dental clinic, keep in mind, that each colour has many shades, and it is very important to use colours that complement each other.

You should have several neutral colours in your palette to bring focus to the primary colours.
Black, Grey, white are examples of these. They can be used for background colours, fonts and elements to ensure the design is easily read and accessible for all.


One of the most popular colours we use for dental clinic branding, and for a good reason, a lot of large businesses use blue as their primary branding colour, and a large number of dental clinics do at the same time. Blue is associated with the ocean, with calm, pleasant feelings, intelligence, depth and power. Blue is the most popular colour in the world. People love blue skies, blue water, and it signifies life and health; this is one of the best colours a dental clinic can use.


Second up is white, a fantastic colour to use for your dental clinic's branding. Associated with simplicity, cleanliness, and purity, it can be used as a base and secondary colours. It provides the viewer with a sense of space, calmness and time, one to use in every colour palette.


Green is associated with nature, life, plants, trees, green is a positive colour; it also represents money, prosperity and stability.


Yellow can work well as a secondary colour with blue or purple or even green, it is a youthful happy colour that gives the feeling of hope and positivity.


Orange is associated with warmth; it grabs attention without signifying danger like red, it is an energetic colour, one that is related to vitality and fun, orange works well with purple.


purple is associated with passion, energy, royalty, spirituality, prestige and luxury. Purple dye was one of the most expensive to find and hence worm by the wealthy; it can be used to create great colour palettes for dental clinics.

Colours to avoid for a dental clinic

Certain colours should never be used in a dental clinic’s branding strategy or branding palette, any colour that can evoke a negative emotion should be avoided.


Red is associated with blood, danger, passion but does not fit well for any dental clinic, anything that is related to blood should be avoided, as it is related to danger, warning, pain


Brown can work well for many business types, it is associated with the earth, stability, support out doors and sport, or chocolate and cooking, but it is not a colour that should be used by a dental clinic


Black is associated with exclusivity, power and mystery, it is a colour that can be used for fonts and icons, but not one we would recommend for one of the primary colours.

Neon or Rainbow colours

These colours will catch your eye, but for the wrong reasons, they irritate the viewer and tire their eyes making them want to look elsewhere.

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