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Top 10 Dental Marketing Techniques for 2019

Top 10 Dental Marketing Techniques for 2019

With the growing demand online for dental treatments, our team at Dentalbooster have put together our most effective marketing techniques you can increase your visibility online and attract new patients.

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1 – Ensure you have a Professional Well-built Website

The number one item that dental clinic’s overlook is ensuring that their website is of an excellent standard. There is a good chance that a patient’s first impression of your clinic will be on your website! What impression will they get? Does it look professional? Load fast and work on mobile devices? Have reviews and detailed treatment pages? There is no point thinking about marketing your clinic, if your website is below par.  We offer monthly payment plans for dental clinic websites, so if you are in need of a new website or an upgrade, get in touch with us today

2 – Focus on Local Optimisation

If you were to search for the term “Dentist near me” in Google right now, you will see one area of the search result which consists of a Map area containing what Google views as the top 3 dental clinics in your vicinity.  Optimising your local visibility and reputation will result in your clinic appearing in this result set.

This result set generates a non-stop stream of free, local, new patient enquiries to your clinic and in our opinion, it is the most effective method of growing a dental clinic.  The listing allows you to show your address, directions to your clinic, phone number, patient reviews, photos, videos and recent posts.

Local Optimisation for Dental Clinic’s is the most powerful marketing technique available at the moment to ensure you grow your patient numbers and your revenue!

3- Google Ads

When a potential patient clicks on your ad, you be charged a certain amount per each click, and the potential patient is transferred to your website. How much you pay per click depends on the competitiveness of the search term, the quality of your ad campaign, the quality of your website, and relevance of the search term and the website page.
The options are endless with Google Ads, you can run ads targeting mobile devices only, run call-only ads, re-target previous visitors to your website and even target based on demographics such as income tiers. For example, emergency treatment ads work very well due to the urgency of the potential patient searching, meaning that a click has a high chance of becoming a paying customer.

4- Google Video Ads

These video ads appear on the YouTube platform. You can set up your video campaign so that you are only charged when your full video is viewed. Viewers have the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds, and if they do so, you are not charged. This is a great cost-effective way to promote your clinic’s brand, or particular services to people in your locality with the cost per view as low as 1 cent.

Google Ads Delivers INSTANT Enquiries to your Dental Clinic


say that they would be more likely to recommend a local business if it was reliable & professional

How is your Dental Clinic's Reputation

5 – Professional Videos

Adding to the last point, I wanted to stress the effectiveness of professional dental videos. You should create one introducing your clinic, your staff, ask patients for testimonial videos, and have a per-service video. You can educate and sell to any viewer in a matter of seconds with a well-built video, and they can be used multiple times across your online presence.

6 – Postcards / Flyers

Distributing flyers or postcards in your local area is a great way to advertise an offer, service or create brand awareness. Ensure you use a good quality designer for the promotional material to get the right message across, and a trusted distributing company to ensure your marketing material gets delivered.  You can distribute dental flyers within a radius of 5-10km of your clinic.

7 – Encourage Patient Feedback

Patients will most likely not leave your clinic a review on Google, Facebook, Yelp etc unless you ask them. A happy patient will most likely leave you a review if you make it easy for them. You can set up a page on your website to capture reviews, or have an automated email to send after their treatment is completed.  We talked about the importance of reviews earlier this year.

8 – Start a Referral Program

This is not difficult to set up, and it turns your happy patients into your very own sales team. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing technique, as people trust referrals from friends more than anything. Give your patients an incentive to promote you and watch the new referrals come in.

9 – Focused Facebook Ads – Location

You can run all kinds of social media paid advertising, but our advice here is to ensure its very focused. Broad targeting will cost you a lot, and deliver very little in terms of results. Target new patients depending on their location, demographics, income, sex, age and interests and you can make social media marketing effective.

10 – Are you GDPR Compliant

Do not ignore the GDPR regulations that have come into action this year! You now need the patient’s prior consent before contacting them, even if they are a previous patient! Do you have a cookie and privacy policy on your website? Do you have consent tick-boxes on your website contact forms? We looked at a large proportion of the clinics in Ireland, and a lot are still not GDPR compliant!

Above the Yellow area is the Google Ads, the Green is the Google Local result set, and the red is the organic results

of dental clinic websites in Ireland are not GDPR compliant

It should be a priority for you to ensure your website and other activities are GDPR compliant


of people find that reputation matters the most for healthcare practices.

How is your Dental Clinic's Reputation


When planning a monthly marketing plan, you need to look at your budget, urgency, ideal patient profile and maximum number of new patients you can take a month.  As approved Google Partners, we can create a complex cost-effective monthly campaign to attract very specific patients to your clinic

If you are interested in any of the services above, we are offering the readers of blog 15% off our prices.

Reluctant to Invest?

Understandably a lot of Dentists are reluctant to spend money on marketing due to bad experiences in the past,  hiring marketing professionals which did not deliver end results, or made matters worse in the long run due to poor quality work.
There are other available options if you are one of these, for example at Dental Booster, we offer packages that allow you to pay the minimum with us until we show you the results as promised, no risk for your Dental Clinic.  This ensures when you are getting more enquiries, you will be in a better financial position to expand and develop your marketing plan further without paying for results that may never come.

The Second reason a Dental Clinic may be reluctant invest in their marketing is due to the fact that their clinic is doing absolutely fine and kept busy due to referrals and foot traffic (if it is working, why change it?). The important thing I need to say to these Dentist is that firstly it is fantastic that your clinic has built up a firm reputation and has a steady following, but secondly, why not add to it?  Why not plan to exponentially grow your clinic?  With a mix of loyal customers, word of mouth, foot traffic with a strong marketing plan increasing the dental clinic’s visibility to new patients, the clinic will grow exponentially, and with every new patient valued over 1000 euro, its a firm investment.

If you need help attracting more patients, please get in touch with us today!

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