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IDR – Chp 10 – The Irish Dentistry Awards

IDR – Chp 10 – The Irish Dentistry Awards

As well as all the in-depth research and analysis which is included in the core aspects of the Dental Report, we thought it would be fitting to discuss an excellent opportunity for Dental Clinics in Ireland.  In Chapter 5 we talked about the importance of your Reputation, both online and offline, but now we wanted to delve into the process of applying for an Award in the Irish Dentistry Awards 2018.

A lot of the Dentists we interviewed were not aware how they could enter this prestigious Competition, and just how easy it is to do!  Adding to that its completely free!

With this in mind, we wanted to give you all the information you need to not only apply for the awards, but also set your clinic up with a competitive edge whilst applying.

What is the Irish Dentistry Awards?

The Irish Dentistry awards has been running for 6 years, and 2019 will be the 7th year in succession.   It is very important to note that there are multiple categories, and not just one for General Dentistry!

The categories are listed below:

  • Best High Technology Practice
  • Best Referral Practice
  • Best Community/Charity Project
  • Best Child Friendly Practice
  • Best Treatment of Nervous Patients
  • Best Patient Care
  • Best Employer
  • Most Invaluable Team Member
  • Best Team
  • Most Improved Practice
  • Most Attractive Practice
  • Best New Practice
  • Practice of the Year (Regional)
  • Irish Dentistry’s Rising Star

The great news is that you can enter multiple categories if you are suited to more than one.  Below we give some more specific advice regarding applying for a specific category.

Why should you enter?

We discussed the importance of a strong reputation online in the 5th Chapter of the National Dental Report.  In this chapter we focused on gathering patient reviews and being visible to new patients when they are looking for a new clinic.

The most powerful method to impress a potential patient, and gain their trust is to showcase your standard of excellence.  How better to do this, then win a national dental award such as one from the Irish Dentistry Awards.  We have seen the previous award-winning clinics using the award label on their website, outside and inside their clinic, and it sets them apart from other clinics in the locality.

Important Points before Entering

Its very important that you adhere to the guidelines before entering.

What is needed to enter

Firstly, the link to enter is here.  You will firstly need to register for the awards.  At this point you will receive a welcome pack, with more specific details on each category and what is needed to enter.

This link will allow you to register your staff member or dental clinic and start uploading the supporting documents, although we would recommend you await your welcome pack, and ensure your entry is of the best standard possible.

  • Generally speaking, the entry should be up to 750 words.
  • Explain about your dental clinic, its history, location etc.
  • Explain why you think your clinic should win this award.
  • Give Clinical Evidence to show you are worthy of the award.

Clinic Evidence

We talked about the importance of Case Studies on your Dental Website on Chapter 6 of the Dental Report, and similarly we discussed the importance of capturing reviews from your patients on Chapter 5.  If you did apply these techniques to your dental clinic’s website then you are in luck, as this is just the information that is needed here.

  • The Case Studies will give solid examples of your work, illustrating the complete transformation of a patient before and after your treatment.
  • Having reviews on multiple trusted platforms will show the judges that patients are happy with your service, and that they took the time to leave you a positive review.
  • Having Video Testimonials will really help here, as people can tell their real-life story of their experience with your staff and clinic.

Award Categories

Looking at the Categories in More Detail

Once you have registered for the awards make sure you download the entry guide from the website, it will give you all in the information you need to submit your entry, in the meantime here are some of our suggestions to what you should include in your application.  Keep in mind these tips should be used as a rough guide, and any specific queries or doubts regarding the registration process should be sent to the Irish Dentistry Awards team.

Best New Practice

Show how you transformed an old building into a new dental clinic, including

  • Images and videos of the new practice including the before and after photos
  • Illustrate why your clinic is unique and different to the others.
  • Give clear metrics to show how business has grown
  • You can also include some of your marketing material
  • Important to demonstrate a good, friendly team atmosphere
  • Show any team training/development initiative you have implemented
  • Evidence of how you go beyond the regular duty of care
  • Show how your Clinic contributes with the local community
  • Provide testimonials & Case Studies

Most Attractive Practice

Aimed at the design and atmosphere of your practice, try to include:

  • Before and after pictures if appropriate, or a walk-through video would be great
  • Show any unique features, architecture, design elements etc which you think is important.
  • Explain your aims and objectives behind the look and design of the practice
  • Illustrate how your marketing, social media and website has been used as part of your overall design

Most Improved Practice

Here you need to show clear improvement in your clinic over the past 12 months, aim to:

  • Explain how business has grown
  • Demonstrate good team atmosphere, training and development
  • Show us how your social media use and/or website has been improved, before and after images would be good here, also including before and after stats
  • Include marketing material examples
  • Explain how your clinic is different to others
  • Include evidence of how you go beyond the regular duty of care
  • Include testimonials, reviews, videos and supporting documentation

Best Team

Showcase your Dental Clinic Team, and why they work so well together, try to:

  • Demonstrate a great team atmosphere and approach to patient care
  • How does your practice invest in team development and training?
  • Explain how your team is different to the competition
  • Show us how your team goes above and beyond the regular duty of care
  • Is your team involved in a charity or community project?
  • Provide testimonials from team members and public alike
  • Include supporting evidence, videos and pictures if possible

Most Invaluable Team Member

Does one of your dental nurses, hygienists, therapists, practice managers, receptionists and technicians stand out to be worthy of an award?  If so:

  • Demonstrate hard work and drive from this member
  • Tell the judges anything outstanding you or they have done or been involved in, before and after effects would be useful here
  • Explain any hurdles they have overcome
  • Show us how or why they are different to others
  • Tell us how they go beyond the regular duty of care
  • Include any evidence of connection with a charity or the local community
  • Provide testimonials, reviews if possible from other staff members and public
  • Supporting evidence and pictures

Best Employer

Does your practice have a great employer? If this is the case, try to:

  • Demonstrate a great team atmosphere
  • Give evidence of team investment/training
  • Show your employers’ kindness/consideration with an example
  • Demonstrate the effect their efforts have on your team
  • Show where they go beyond the regular call of duty for the staff
  • Provide testimonials from the clinic team members and public
  • Supporting evidence, videos and pictures

Best Patient Care

Do you deserve an award for taking care of your patients?

  • Demonstrate a great team approach to patient care
  • Show how you are different to a regular practice
  • Provide testimonials in form of written and video if possible
  • Show reviews/testimonials from various platforms and include hand-written examples if available.
  • Support your application with clear evidence, videos and pictures

Best Treatment of Nervous Patients

If you focus on treating nervous patient then this could be the category for you, try to:

  • Demonstrate a great team approach to treating nervous patients
  • Show how you are different to a regular practice
  • How do you get involved in treating nervous patients?
  • Tell us how this impacts the patient experience
  • What is the patient experience from the moment they contact you, to leaving your clinic
  • Provide testimonials
  • Support your application with clear evidence, videos and pictures

Best Child Friendly Practice

Do you treat a lot of children and think you deserve an award?  Then aim to:

  • Demonstrate a great team approach to child dental health
  • Show how you are different to a regular practice
  • How you get involved in treating children and tell us how this impacts their experience
  • How you use your social media and website to promote child dental health
  • Provide testimonials, videos and case studies
  • Show how your clinic is a friendly welcoming place for children

Best Community/Charity Project

If your practice has been involved in a charity or community project this this category could be for you

  • Describe your charitable project and its cause
  • Describe how your clinic helped this charity
  • Show images, videos and marketing material if available
  • Show how you promoted this on your website or social media profiles
  • Provide testimonials, videos and case studies from the charity

Irish Dentistry’s Rising Star Award

If you have a newly qualified dentist under 35 who has shown significant achievement in their career to date this could be suitable for you.  Try to:

  • Demonstrate hard work and drive
  • Show achievement in your career to date including while studying or still studying
  • Explain any hurdles you have overcome
  • Tell us how you are different to other young dental professionals
  • Provide training/development information if relevant
  • Show how they work with other team members and their relationship with the public
  • Give evidence of how you go beyond the regular duty of care
  • Give evidence of any charity or community projects you have been involved with
  • Provide testimonials from team members and public
  • Supporting evidence, videos and pictures

Practice of the Year

The Dental Practice of the year

  • Include marketing literature
  • Give evidence of a great team atmosphere and training/ development
  • Show any achievements in your practice over the last 12 months
  • Evidence of uniqueness in your practice
  • Show how you go beyond the regular duty of care
  • Do you support a charity or local community project?
  • Provide testimonials, videos supporting evidence and pictures
  • Tell us why you support your chosen cause
  • Describe how you have helped to raise awareness to support them
  • Show the benefits derived from your work
  • Provide testimonials, reviews
  • Supporting evidence and pictures

Best Referral Practice

Suitable for a specialist practice which has loyal referrers

  • Marketing literature
  • Show evidence of training undertaken to enhance knowledge in your speciality or field
  • Show evidence of relationships with industry partners and referring colleagues
  • Provide evidence of how you go beyond the regular duty of care
  • Present evidence of team leadership/happiness and uniqueness in your practice
  • Provide testimonials, reviews from public and referrers
  • Supporting evidence and pictures and videos

Best High Technology Practice

Does your clinic embrace the latest digital technologies available to improve clinical treatment?

  • Explain what digital technologies you have invested in and why
  • Show how you have successfully integrated these advances into your practice
  • Explain how its use has improved patients’ experience
  • Show evidence of the benefits and profitability you are now seeing
  • Show how you have incorporated new technology into your marketing
  • Supporting documentation, pictures and videos
  • Show patient testimonials and reviews relating to their experience in your tech savy clinic.


When do I need to enter by?

The closing date for the competition is the 19th October, but it is advisable to prepare and enter all your documents well before this date.  To prepare a solid entry will take time, so I would suggest start on it now, and aim to work on it until its completion on any quiet times in the clinic.

Suggested Documents

The team here at Dental Booster suggests submitting the following as a minimum for a general entry:

  1. A Branded PDF Document with the 750 words introducing your clinic, staff, goals, values, and why you should win (See above for specific suggestions per categories) . Include images in this document and make it easy to read.  It would be advisable that your get this document designed by a professional or use an online tool to ensure your entry looks as professional as possible.
  2. Links to at least 3 Case studies which are well documented, Ensure to Provide Facts here. Use your own photos and avoid 3rd party bought photos.
  3. Links to 2 Video testimonials that show how happy patients are with your treatment

Remember to make it clear and easy to read for the judges, make it an interesting read.  Also ensure that multiple people read over this entry, to ensure there are no errors.

What can I win?

As well as winning the prestigious award, you will have the opportunity to have a night out with your team and enjoy the 3-course meal included in the night out.

Past Winners Testimonials

We have located some testimonials from previous winners

“‘We must say that this year’s Irish Dentistry Awards were amazing. It was fantastic to see so many of our Dental colleagues being recognised and awarded for all their hard work and efforts. The event was brilliantly organised by FMC and the atmosphere was electric. We all had a thoroughly enjoyable night and are really looking forward to next year.’” Southgate Dental


We think its a must, for every dental clinic to enter at least one category.  The process will give you an idea of the areas you can improve in, and bring your team closer together.

Register for the Irish Dentistry Awards Now

If you need help creating a professional entry, we may be able to help with videos and a professional graphical presentation, if you are interested please get in touch with us today!

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