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Dental Market Research & Analysis

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All our research projects are confidential and tailor-made to your requirements.

Performing in-depth research into the local and national market is essential before undergoing any project, the research will highlight the demand, additional opportunities and possible risks involved, leaving you to make an educated decision on how to proceed.

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Irish Dental Marketing Report 2017
In this report we analyse all the important elements of Dental Marketing to ensure your Clinic grows.
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Discover Areas of Improvement

With our tailor-made research reports, we highlight vital areas of improvement which you can apply to your Dental Clinic Marketing efforts.

Market Opportunities

We highlight any demand in your local market for specific services you can tap into and take advantage of; these are virtually risk-free as we have already studied the demand for these services.

Marketing Techniques that work

There is clear reasoning behind each marketing technique; the targeted results will be clear, achievable, and measurable. The result is the most important, new clients for you!


We perform custom in-depth research into your local and national market


We analyse the Market for you, suggesting various areas of improvement and growth, highlighting their benefits


We agree a plan with you, with specific targets and milestones and start the work..


We report on our results and progress monthly, so you can see the powerful impact of our work.

Do you know the value of a new patient?

From multiple research the average value of a new patient is €560. This is taking into account some just require minimal treatment, but others will require more expensive orthodontic treatment etc, pushing this figure close 4-5k.

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More income for your Clinic
See how you can GENERATE the amount below for your Clinic
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Unsure what you need?

If you are unsure what marketing techniques would be a good fit for your dental practice, get in touch with us today.  After a custom clinic analysis, we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your dental clinic, giving you a clear view of what needs to be improved and what elements are urgent.

With any work with us, we look at it on a ROI view, ensuring that you are investing in your clinic so you get more back, this is crucial for any marketing venture.

Ready to grow your dental clinic?


Intensive researching into your market opportunities to ensure success.

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This ensures we are second to none delivering complete solutions to our dentists.

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No two clients are the same, therefore every client gets a packaged solution

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    Clinic Analysis

    If you would like to organise a 30-45minute session with one of our specialists to see what our dental marketing techniques can do for your clinic, please click the link below to get started, this will give you a better idea of how you can improve your clinic.

    We perform a pre SWOT analysis prior to the meeting to ensure we are up to speed and have a clear view of the problems and opportunities

    Clinic Analysis