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Dental Marketing

Tailor made Marketing plans to suit your business

After fully analysing your Dental Clinic, we will come up with the perfect marketing plan based on your targets and budget. We pride yourself in delivering results that truly change businesses and help them grow and develop. Our work is always transparent, so you know what we are doing, and why!

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Monthly Marketing that works

Local Optimisation

With local optimisation we ensure that your clinic is prominent and visible to your local audience, enticing local loyal potentially life long patients to choose you!

Paid Advertising

There are numerous mediums which can be taken advantage of to deliver immediate enquiries and patients to your clinic. These are paid advertising opportunities such as Google text Ads, Google Video Ads, Bing Ads, and paid articles, banners and much much more. You will either pay for a listing, or per click on the advert, if set up correctly, this can be very effective

Custom Offline Marketing

We also suggest offline marketing opportunities such as magazines, radio and TV to ensure you aim your marketing efforts at all age groups and demographics. Each clinic is very different, and so is their marketing plan


We perform custom in-depth research into your local and national market


We analyse the Market for you, suggesting various areas of improvement and growth, highlighting their benefits


We agree a plan with you, with specific targets and milestones and start the work..


We report on our results and progress monthly, so you can see the powerful impact of our work.

Do you know the value of a new patient?

From multiple research the average value of a new patient is €560. This is taking into account some just require minimal treatment, but others will require more expensive orthodontic treatment etc, pushing this figure close 4-5k.

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